Interview with M., HR Director Belux a.i. via HRbuilders

Martine V. is a senior HR Executive working as a freelancer for more than 6 years. Since September, she is HR Director BeLux a.i. via HRbuilders.

How did you experience your contacts with HRbuilders?

I met up with Katrien right around the time I decided to become a freelancer. It was quite a unique experience, since I felt as if HRbuilders truly wanted to create a partnership with me as a freelancer. A short while after that meeting, I started my fi rst assignment which lasted almost 4 years. After that project, I had a meeting with Isabelle and Robby. A few weeks later, Robby contacted me for an assignment at Fujitsu and since September, I’ve been working there on my assignment as HR Director BeLux.

What do you like about being a freelancer?

I like so many things about it. First of all, it is great to start in a company without having to take into account the internal (political) issues too much. You know you’ll only stay in the company for a limited time. This means that you always have a more clear and objective view of the company’s challenges. Another fun part of being a freelancer, is that you can work for several kinds of companies. My previous assignment was in the public sector and now I’m working for a Japanese company. There are quite some differences between European and US company culture. You need to adapt to it, but that is just another indispensable competence for a freelancer: fl exibility.

I felt immediately that HRbuilders truly want to create a partnership with me as a freelancer.

Martine V.

HR Interim Manager

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