As CEO, HR is my core business. Christophe D. CEO Eneco Belgium

What is your overall vision for HR?

We at Eneco strongly believe in customer experience. Our people are the most important deliverers of that experience. Every single one of them. Therefore, HR plays a crucial part in our organization. It is fully integrated in our business, and supported by an HR department. I don’t believe in HR as a separate entity. For me as a CEO, HR is also a core business. I am always investing in leadership training and coaching for my employees.

Why an HR Interim Manager?

I believe in the power of business experts, outsiders who can bring about a growth momentum in your organisation. I don’t experience HR Interim Management as outsourcing, but rather as “HR as a service”, because you can bring the right skills into your organisation quickly when the need arises. The innovative, fresh view which a good interim HR Manager brings, is very special. The combination of knowledge, experience in different companies, an objective look, along with the ‘consultancy spirit’ is very valuable. I have noticed that an HR Interim Manager can also tackle aspects that are underexposed in the current team, which is a bonus for us.

What added value does HRbuilders offer you?

I think it’s important that a partner shares my view of HR. I know that HRbuilders knows Eneco’s value perception and looks for the same values in the selection of the best external consultants. In my view, HRbuilders is a very personal and professional matchmaker. Moreover, I appreciate your ethics and discretion, in how you tackle the assignments and candidates, and in the confi dentiality which your excellent HRbuilders’ Consultants demonstrate when they share their best practices. That way, trust can build.

I appreciate the ethics and discretion, in how HRbuilders tackle the assignments and candidates. That way, trust can build.

Christophe D.


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