Workshop Workshop

20 Mar 2020 - Rotterdam

Human Insight is organising a practitioner workshop on Friday, 20 March in Rotterdam. Central theme: pain.

Human Insight's guest speakers, Mathilde Maas Kuper and Hans Elshout will share their knowledge about organisational pain and how to use this in a positive matter.

Mathilde Maas is a trainer and adviser on motivation and movement of people within organisations. She will use pain as a means to realise change. During her part of this workshop the following questions will be answered:

  • What happens when you focus on pain?
  • Which principles come into effect?
  • What profit can you make?
  • Where is the pain in the Growth-Curve?
  • Where and how can I use this? 

Hans Elshout is founder, 100% owner and director of a leading multichannel service company. After the sale of his company S&H (about 120 employees),he still enjoys his passion parttime: helping people and organisations excel. During the workshop, he will tell us more about (further) development of organisations by leaving comfort zones.

Do you want to attend this practitioner workshop?

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DateFriday, 20 March
Time13:00 - 17:00
SpeakersMathilde Maas & Hans Elshout

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