26 Sep 2019 - Louvain

Sustainability or profit? Feeling or logic? 

Don't hesitate any longer. It’s 2019. Time for sustainability. Responsibility. Time for organisations that are not blindly guided by numbers.

But how do you do this as a manager? How do you motivate your employees, investors and shareholders to choose sustainability? In times of growth and crisis? 

Discover the answers on Thursday, 26 September during the Executive Day in the Faculty Club, Louvain. Greta Thunberg isn’t on the schedule. The following experts, however, are invited:

  • Jonathan Holslag, VUB
  • Fons Leroy, Managing director VDAB
  • Walter Baets, University of Cape Town
  • Murielle Machiels, Solvay Brussels School
  • Piet Colruyt, Architect, philosopher & investor 

We are also present with HRbuilders as a sponsor together with other C-level executives and you are invited. 

Interested? Book your free place for the Executive Day with the following code: EXD900.

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