Workshop Workshop

18 Nov 2019 - 18:30

Is your company a place to work? Or is it a great place to work? 

Involve your employees in decision-making and you will create a great place to work. Engage your employees with design thinking and you will get their approval from the first moment. It’s important: they decide more freely than ever who they want to work for.

Long-term engagement boost 

We believe in co-creation and hope you do too. That’s why we invite you to participate in our next workshop on Monday, 18 November in Ghent. Valérie Bourdeau and Jan Van Caneghem from Waai will walk you through how to, as an HR manager,  stimulate your employees by: 

  • stimulating co-creation 
  • focusing on the long-term
  • testing your ideas before implementing them 
  • changing your organisation’s systems, policies and behaviours 

And hopefully you will leave the workshop with a few handy tools in your backpack that can help you make the workplaces you visit great (we deliberately omit the word ‘again’).


Interested in attending our workshop on Monday, 18 November? Save your free seat below. We’re already looking forward to connecting with you. 

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