Workshop Workshop

13 May 2019 - 18:30 - Ghent

Finance is becoming increasingly important in today's business environment. Projects only get approved if the economic feasibility can be demonstrated. Various budget rounds can be quite a headache. And there you are… as financial colleagues bombard you with complicated jargon.

How do you, a non-financial professional, cope with all this?

We invited Vera Smets to explain the basic financial concepts. We will kick off this workshop with a warm-up case: together with the participants Vera starts a bar.

After the basics, it's time for real cases! We will study the balance sheets of Tesla and Tomorrowland, exciting documents full of learnings!

Vera is a financial expert, trainer and coach. Vera has a Masters in Applied Economic Science. For a while she worked for IBM and KBC, but soon felt the urge to branch out and do her own thing. She founded Fincover Ltd. in 1995. Vera's mission has never changed: to bridge the gap between financial and non-financial people in business.
Her motto is "Finance is fun!".
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