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30 Sep 2019 - Brussels

Connecting great HR people is our passion, while also handing valuable and relevant content that will help you to stay ahead of the curve.HR issues are growing in scale and complexity, demanding more creative approaches and innovative solutions. To be at the forefront of the (r)evolution, we regularly invite top HR-leaders from leading organizations to share their experience and knowledge.

September 30th HRbuilders and Helena Demuynck are organizing an HRdinner around the topic Conversational intelligence and we would be honoured if you could join our table! 

Informal - small group - peer exchange - nice food and restaurant - Places are limited!

Conversational Intelligence is the hardwired and learnable ability to connect, navigate, and grow with others – a necessity in building healthier and more resilient organizations in the face of change.

  • C-IQ begins with trust and ends with high quality relationship and business success.
  • C-IQ is a body of work that helps us understand what conversations open up our brains and what conversations close our brains down. With this insight, we can learn about Conversational Essentials and Rituals that you and your team can use to shape your environment for trust and can elevate the quality of your conversations.
  • C-IQ gives us insight into how our brain responds during conversations, how conversations activate our trust and distrust (networks in our brain),and how to understand and architect conversations that create healthy, thriving relationships (teams and organizations).
  • C-IQ is a unique way of engaging teams, companies, and people because you learn what is happening in our brains moment to moment. You can help yourself and others by self-regulating and co-regulating neurochemistry. You will learn how to create healthy organizations (interactions, teams, etc.) through conversational rituals and uncover the wonderful worlds that are created through the words that we share!

Conversational intelligence
Monday September 30th - Brussels - 7 PM


 Helena Demuynck is Founding Partner of Konsensus Leadership Coaching & Development and of oxygen4leadership. Both platforms offer international expertise in developing Leadership Development Trails for Senior Leadership Teams and Executives.
Helena is a dynamic, outcome-driven leadership coach focused on driving leadership success through a compelling range of coaching and consulting skills and expertise. She is passionate about the power of authenticity and coaches executives and senior leadership teams to recognize, visualize, and actualize success using the power of authenticity. She provides insight, feedback and helps leaders build a collaborative environment where the future can be envisioned and systematically enabled.
Helena is an evangelist for women in leadership and has been on speaker panels for summits, events, and organizations. Helena shares her thoughts on authentic leadership via speaking engagements and regular blogging

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