Every good relationship has to start somewhere. Contact us if you need a seasoned HR interim manager at your company or if you want to discuss the possibilities of HR interim managment for your company. Leave your message and coordinates below, so we can get in touch within 24 hours (except for weekends or holidays).

HRbuilders HQ

Stropkaai 68
9000 Ghent

+32 9 334 81 61

For Belgium

+32 477/62.71.01Isabelle Van Hecke
+32 476/95.72.46Nancy Taets
+32 478/30.00.56Tama Heps
+32 476/62.55.77Robby De Caluwé

For International

+32 475/60.70.35Sofia Van Overmeire (BE)
+32 478/84 97 20Sofie Mettepenningen (BE)
+33 671/78.92.93Cecile Dorigny-Sicard (FR)
+33 658/24.18.81Sigrun Debaillie (FR)