Why hating HR can be bad for your company...

20 february 2017

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In this week’s edition, you find out why hating HR can be bad for your company, we share 6 powerful ways your HR team can leverage data and to top it all off we present you 5 major talent management trends that are changing HR. It’s a wrap! See you next week...

Why hating HR can be bad for your company

Human capital, not financial capital, is today’s scarcest resource. It can be measured in three ways:

  1. Time
  2. Talent
  3. Energy

The combination of these factors and the interactions between them, is how human capital is converted into productivity and economic value. According to research, described in this article, HR has a critical role to play in helping an organization make the best use of its human capital. It will however need to rebrand, reposition, and reorient itself if it is to play this role.

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Six Powerful Ways Your HR Team Can Leverage Big Data

Between employee engagement drivers, productivity KPIs and retention metrics, big data can offer a broad spectrum of opportunities for improvements. Discovering trends in recruiting needs or performance technology can help companies best dedicate resources, as well as find strong fits for skill sets. It also allows for a path to improve staff morale by isolating elements that can hamper productivity. In this article, eight successful human resources executives discuss the different ways HR teams can benefit from using workforce analytics:

  1. Uncover, then improve engagement drivers
  2. Predict future success
  3. Use KPI’s
  4. Help workers
  5. Use data to plan, not just to analyze
  6. Introduce visibility to the workforce

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5 Talent Management Trends That Are Changing HR

To end this week’s Connect with content we zoom in on 5 key macro trends in talent management that are changing HR:

  1. Performance management obsession continues
  2. Potential is the new performance
  3. The talent-focused CHRO
  4. Transparency gets traction
  5. Talent teams turnover

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