18 july 2019

If you look back… do you remember why you decided to become a freelancer? Can you identify one specific reason?

Probably not. In fact, there will be multiple reasons. And during our barbecue in June I wanted to know these exact reasons. Armed with my iPhone’s voice recorder and one question, I asked our HR freelancers why they chose to become a freelancer. 

> Variety 

My first interviewees—or should I say victims?— were Sabine, Véronique and Leen. Sabine took the lead and gave a short yet convincing answer:  

Sabine: “My motivation? I wanted to gain a lot of experience in many other sectors than where I came from. Various sectors, various companies. Voilà.”

Véronique speaks from experience. She started her career as an HR interim manager in 1996: 

Véronique: “Variety. The opportunity of going from one HR project to another, from one company, one culture, one environment to another. The possibility to use your knowledge within those different cultures, companies and projects.”

Leen agrees with the idea of variety: 

Leen: “The freedom of choice, of taking your career path into your own hands, of choosing for yourself what you want to do and don't want to do. Some projects are your thing and others aren’t. And if it isn’t your thing, the project stops. Then it’s up to you to choose something else.” 

> A positive choice

After a much-needed yet short break – the catering came around with dessert – I was ready for round two.

I picked up my iPhone again, asked the same question, but received different answers. In fact, freelancing offers a solution to problems employees experience regularly: 

Marian: “Becoming a freelancer has been a positive choice. You have the freedom not to take part in the office politics. You’re emotionally connected in one way, but from a distance.” 

The best things in life are worth waiting for and, according to Hanneke, the same applies to freelancing: 

Hanneke: “I always wanted to become a freelancer or at least an independent worker. And I waited until I thought the time was right. You have to gain some experience first. Autonomy is very important to me. Autonomy and the freedom to shape your own professional life. To a certain extent, of course, this is always the case. But I didn't want to be dependent on one employer.”   

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