23 october 2019

The job market is changing. And 40% of all organisations are changing with it. 40% of all organisations are hiring freelancers. But why do companies work together with freelancers? And why do freelancers work together with companies? Here is what we learned at the very first Freelancers Day in Zemst, Belgium. 

Why are companies working together with freelancers? 

Thinking about hiring a freelancer? Or already working with freelancers? You’re likely to do this because of three reasons:

  1. an increased workload 
  2. a freelancer’s flexibility
  3. a need for specific expertise  

       Source: UNIZO's freelancer report

Or maybe a combination of these three reasons? But of course, a list doesn’t say whether clients like working together with freelancers. The following question, however, does. 

Do companies recommend working together with freelancers? 

Yes. Companies give a score of 7.80 out of 10 and give 3 reasons to explain their satisfaction. Number two and three are particularly interesting: 

  1. Mutual respect
  2. Flexibility 
  3. Expertise 

       Source: UNIZO's freelancer report

Companies are looking for flexibility and expertise and flexibility and expertise motivate freelancers to take on new freelance assignments, says Danny Van Assche, managing director of UNIZO. This means that freelancers and companies have the same expectations. 

Our favourite quotes:

  • “40% of all organisations use freelancers.'' Marleen Deleu from NextConomy
  • “A well-balanced contract is key to a successful project." Ellen Pensaert, Furbo Legal
  • “The best talents are people who take the step from salaried employment to freelancing.” Marleen Deleu, NextConomy

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