14 october 2019

Your company is recruiting. You are looking for experience. And a new perspective. Why not choose a freelancer instead of a permanent employee? We asked Femke Rosiers, our freelancer at DHL, this question. And one thing is certain: a freelancer brings the best of other companies to your company. 5 questions and 5 answers. 

Why was DHL specifically looking for a freelancer instead of a permanent employee? 

Femke: 'DHL was looking for a suitable salaried employee, but in the meantime, they hired a freelancer to keep the department running'.

What proposals did you make as a freelancer at DHL? 

Femke: 'I kept the department running. And I think I fit in with the values of DHL: humanity and working ‘as one’. I made sure there was a constructive answer to every question that landed on the communications team, so that every colleague could be helped in a fast, professional and sympathetic way.

I and my colleagues made a great team and we added more structure and professionalism into the department. There was a lot of ad hoc work, but the reorganisation of the team has created room to take proactive steps. In the past, it was often about: 'What do we want to communicate?' Now it's more about: 'What do our people need?' And DHL is certainly a pioneer. DHL cares a lot about its employees and develops all kinds of initiatives to stimulate their well-being and growth.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelancer? 

Femke: 'As a freelancer, you get the status of expert. Companies don't have to train you. They don't have to invest in you as a person. They arrange the transfer and count on you to know the ropes and to be able to start working immediately. Plug and play. Innovation is also an advantage of working with freelancers from time to time. Every freelancer enters the company with his own experience and best practices and provides added value for the employer. 

Moreover, the employer also knows that freelancers are generally free spirits. They consciously choose which assignment to accept, which creates dedication and motivation. You can renew a contract and terminate it on a monthly basis. You choose each other every day.

Suppose you started as a permanent employee at DHL. Could you have suggested the same ideas?

Femke: 'Sure you can. But at some point, your knowledge is limited. Especially new experiences bring in new knowledge. So in that respect, I think I can contribute more as a freelancer than I used to as a permanent employee.'

‘I have worked as an employee for a very long time—fifteen years—and I know that I wouldn’t be motivated if were doing the same thing day in and day out in the coming years. As a freelancer you have a completely different responsibility: you are your own boss and therefore have to offer quality if you want companies to continue to call you. You are always motivated to perform and arrive with fresh energy.’

Do you have one recommendation for companies? 

Femke: 'If you want to attract someone who can keep your business running, who wants to offer quality and who also offers interesting new perspectives, then it is certainly a win to hire a freelancer for a couple of months. As an employer, I would certainly work with freelancers on a regular basis, or at least see what a freelancer has to offer. You have nothing to lose, only to win.

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