Shoot for the moon with a mindset of abundance

8 june 2017

Ghent is home to Bloovi’s WebTomorrow conference, THE place to be for the latest on Digital Impact in Belgium and how to stay connected in an evolving world. 

It’s no longer a secret that Captain Katrien Devos is very strongly inspired by Silicon Valley and The Day After Tomorrow. When Bloovi invited her to join an exclusive Q&A with Naveen Jain, one of the conference’s keynote speakers straight from the Valley, Katrien jumped at the opportunity. 

Naveen is a TOP entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He is a serial tech entrepreneur, self-made billionaire, philanthropist and pioneer. Naveen is Board Member of Singularity University & Xprize and founder and executive Chairman of Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, Inome and InfoSpace. His purpose: addressing global challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship. The exploration of today’s most complex problems is key to growth as a United World. Working together is essential to jumping the obstacles we are facing today. 

Here are his most remarkable quotes from the afternoon, together with Captain Katrien.

  • Shoot for the moon with the ‘mindset of abundance’.
  • The best way to create large audacious companies that have the potential to change the future, is to solve big problems. The bigger the problem you are solving the bigger your company will be.
  • Thinking big will attract amazing talent. They'll want to help you solve audacious problems! 
  • Thinking big will also attract different types of investors. 
  • Half of the fortune 500 companies will no longer be alive in the next 10years!
  • In the world of exponential technologies we need to alter our way of thinking and move to a mindset of abundance. 
  • Start to think audacious goals!
  • All you need is one crazy person who believes in it. 
  • Let’s get rid of "It is never done so it will never happen". Unfortunately many of us are naturally inclined to think about scarcity and look for fear and negative news. 
  • In a billion galaxies, we are but a blue dot. 
  • ‘What if?’ Is a question you should ask yourself frequently. 
  • The next decade will be the most innovative of all time. Everything we take for granted will change.
  • Fuck the system. Go around it and empower the customers. Think and dream without the system. Adapt to new needs of the customer, help to empower them --> the law will adapt eventually. Empower, that's how you go around the system.
  • Our needs are changing. Eg. Education was designed to teach you a skill. With exponential technology, every skill will become obsolete. Education will be disrupted: It starts with home schooling, then private schools follow and by the time innovation reaches the public schools the ideas are adapted and it is not innovative anymore so public schools have to follow. Entrepreneurship can push this change.
  • What is failure? You only fail when you give up. An idea can be less successful. You simply live it and change till it works.
  • If you can digitize it, it becomes free and you can disrupt it.
  • Money goes were opportunities are. Create the opportunity and the money will follow (even when in Brussels).
  • The next group of superpowers is likely to be made up of entrepreneurs and not countries.
  • Thank god for the big companies that will be slaughtered: new entrepreneurs can rise and shine
  • Mindset comes from the people you surround yourself with! ==>To break out of your current mindset choose other people to surround yourself with

Read more about Naveen here: 
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•    Deze ondernemer wil mijnbouw op de maan realiseren én hij komt naar WebTomorrow

#WebTomorrow is happening today and tomorrow. The conference focusses on 4 main topics: 

  1. What’s next in marketing?
  2. How to innovate in any business?
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Impact of digital on our society

Follow the conference’s highlights via the hashtag #WebTomorrow 

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