29 march 2019

#HRbuilders has been part of the sponsors of #HRcoreLab in Barcelona since the early years and ...  we keep on coming back ... and back. With his excellent team, Michael Nielsen sets the bar each year higher and  as Matt Burney of #indeed (a man who attends conferences all over the world, so he knows) mentioned in his opening word: "Teneo is an established value". By bringing 400 HR people together on top of the latest developments and HRtrends.... we shape and challenge together the creation of the #FutureOfWork. 


With David Green (check out insight222) as chair of the Analytics stream and Tom Haak, thé reference for HRTrends (www.hrtrendinstitute.com),as chair of the Agility stream... you know you are in good hands. 

Cristopher Kamischke kicked of the recruitment stream with the compelling transformation journey of #Sanofi 's global #TalentAcquisition team, towards a globalised support function in an increasingly competitive talent market. Within the context of this competitive market, the business case of Khan Ozol from #Novartis regarding the establishment of #TalentScouts next to their TA team, generated excellent ideas and discussions. #Thermo Fisher has build up an #EmployeeAdvocacy program, Noel Brown convinced the audience that it should be part of each TA strategy!    

In the agility stream, I was charmed by the thought leadership of Martha White from #Bridgestone when building an HR team to drive cultural change, tips from the journey: listen, earn respect, recognise individual contributions & challenge each of them, ensure they know they bring unique skill to the organisation, business alignment is critical and last but  not least, practice what you preach. No rocket science... but #JustDoIt right? 

"Diversity & inclusion should be a way of life, not a project! Tell your customers and partners what you stand for. Get out and spread your story!"  says Tony Cooke from #Adidas .

How did #Levi ’s stop its decline and found its way up to 25% growth in Europe? By changing focus on highly effective teams- and doing it for real: assessment, talent involved, talent connections, ... develop & promote those leaders that are capable to engage. Increasing People Engagement lead to better revenue at Levi's dixit Hubert Van Nuvel.

Agree Toby Culshaw "Without Data you are just a person with an opinion." Gustavo Canton from #SchneiderElectric highlighted in his excellent keynote the rise of People Analytics all over the world. Check out his great video with 6 use cases in order to get QuickWinsFromAnalytics! 
Interesting practice shared by Andre Bezemer  to get attention for Analytics in your company: #Nestle⁩’s global #diversity dashboard is available to all employees in the company. 

I missed some key-notes that I really would have liked to see ... having 3 streams to choose from is an advantage and a disadvantage...   

Our team appreciated the quality of the conversations and in the evening we shared tapas in Barcelona in great company, some new and old acquaintances from different countries and companies. It's inspiring to meet people who share similar interests, experiences in so many different companies and countries and to learn how things go in other markets and industries. Conferences like this helps us (and each attendee) to build up a network, to create connections and to hear first-hand experiences from industry leaders. It has been the start of of many nice relationships. 

So,  whenever you may need any help in your HR-team of function, or recommendation of any kind , please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We will be willing to help you or facilitate the info / contacts you need.

#TheNetworkAlwaysWins #HRbuildersConnectingGreatHRPeople #HRInterimManagement #OnlyHR! 

#thanks Teneo Meetings , all chairs, speakers, participants and my dear colleagues Sigrun Debaillie & Sofie Mettepenningen for another great conference! See you next year! 

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Sofia Van Overmeire

Business Manager Europe & Managing Partner at HRbuilders

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