10 july 2019

As an HR professional, you have a unique ability. 

You can stimulate trust dynamics in your company and you can boost creativity by just changing one thing. At least, that’s what we learned at the Vlerick HR Day 2019 and we’re happy to share it with you. 

> You can enhance trust 

Professor Banu Golesorkhi started the day by emphasising the importance of trust. According to her, each human interaction needs trust to be effective. Trust is critical to emotional well-being, to feel respected. As Warren Buffett once said: 

          “Trust is like the air we breathe. When it's present, nobody really notices.
          But when it's absent, everybody notices.”

The problem, however, is not to convince your colleagues about the importance of trust. The challenge is to create trust. And that’s where you, as an HR professional, can make a difference. As an HR expert, you can increase trust dynamics and make an enduring difference. 

The first step: consider trust as a condition, rather than a project. Trust doesn’t have a beginning or an ending since it’s an ongoing process. Make sure every member of your team feels psychologically safe to express his thoughts. Google found that psychological safety is the basis of a good performing team.

These 3 tips help you enhance trust: 

  • Act according to your words.
  • Communicate your intentions.
  • Make time to support your employees and clients. 

> You can enhance creativity
Professor David McWilliams shared his thoughts on the rise of the gig economy —and meanwhile had a beer in front of 650 HR professionals. A Jupiler to be precise. 

Many people see the gig economy as something negative. But according to Professor McWilliams, the gig economy is just… a state of mind. The increase in the number of independent workers isn’t unique in modern history and doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem.  

In fact, hiring an independent worker can be a positive experience. We should step away from focusing on conventional thinkers. Instead, we should embrace people who think differently, people who aren’t afraid of uncertainty. We should hire: a freelancer who isn’t afraid of not having a stable income.  

To quote Professor McWilliams: “Things can and will fall apart, but that’s not the end of things. On the contrary, it’s an opportunity. How you deal with things, is what determines the outcome.”

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