To Freelance or not to Freelance

26 september 2017

To Freelance or not to Freelance – Webinar edition

At HRbuilders it is our mission to build successful freelance careers and we are here to help you decide whether a freelance career is something for you!

Are you thinking about becoming a freelancer and still have many unanswered questions about the topic? 
Then it’s the perfect occasion for you to join our interactive online webinar  ‘To Freelance or not to Freelance’ on the 28th of September at 10am CET.

You will get answers to questions like:

You will get answers to questions like:

  • Why become a freelancer? 
  • What’s the HR market like?
  • What type of HR assignments can I expect?
  • How much revenue can I expect and should I earn to keep my quality of living?
  • How to work with an agency? 
  • Why work with an agency? 
  • How to find assignments? 
  • ….


You will have the  opportunity to ask your personal questions via chat during the seminar.

Interested to join?

28th of September 2017  from 10h00 until 11h30 CET

Once you have subscribed on our website, we will send you a confirmation with the link to follow the webinar online. Subscribe here

The webinar will be presented in English.

We look forward to seeing you online!

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I would like to join the webinar "to freelance or not to freelance".

Best regards
Belinda Sels

27 september 2017 by Belinda Sels

I'm very interested in the webinar. However, most likely I won't be able to attend the live event. Will it be recorded and shared so I can watch it afterwards?

Many thanks in advance.

27 september 2017 by Wouter Dupré

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