TheFutureOfWork comes with a flexible workforce and a Chief freelance officer

16 april 2018

Today an increasing number of workers prefers a freelance career over the traditional career path of joining an employer, rising through the ranks and staying at that same employer for decades.

 It looks like freelancing is on the rise and here to stay...

 And that is definitely something the entire HRbuilders #dreamteam can confirm as we can hardly keep up with meeting all the HR professionals that reach out to us because they want to start freelancing.

 Building freelance careers

 That was Katrien Devos’ mission when she started HRbuilders 10 years ago.


Before that, Katrien was an HR freelancer herself and when she met with different agencies she felt they all reduced her to the information on her CV and never inquired about who she was, what made her eyes spark, they did not respect her fee and sometimes not even her confidentiality. She didn’t feel a long term commitment, nor a partnership, which was in huge contrast with the highly motivated, flexible and result-driven approach of the freelancers that she had met along the way.

 That’s why she decided to do things differently.

HRbuilders was going to be built on 3 pillars:

  1. focus: interim management only, HR only, freelancers only
  2. long term relationships: building honest relationships with HR professionals, invest in them and connect with them
  3. only work with the best.

Because we really know our HR freelance community, we do not have to go searching for the expert when our clients needs one, and we do not have to pick a random HR professional sitting on the bench waiting for the next assignment to come along. Because we invest a huge amount of our time in getting to know HR freelancers, which has resulted in an ecosystem of more than 2500 seasoned HR professionals working in Belgium and abroad, all experts in their domain with a minimum of 15 years of relevant experience in the field of HR, all freelancers ready to be connected to only the most challenging assignments. And that’s exactly what HRbuilders is known for since captain Katrien Devos started 10 years ago.

This approach led Katrien to where HRbuilders stands today:
marketleader in HR interim management in Belgium,
growing its international presence all over the globe with the ambition
to become the only agency bridging needs
for HR interim management manpower in Europe, the US and Latin America

Change and growth have become HR Builders’ middle names

Clients can now benefit from a high-level of efficiency and a true international network of mobile HR professionals, capable of working in multinational and multicultural environments.

Shaking things up in HR

 There is no denying that this trend will keep growing and that more professionals will leave their gilded cage. There’s also no denying that many companies are now shifting to a more flexible workforce model in order to thrive and to remain agile.

Employing a flexible workforce model yields benefits such as (1) reduced overhead: hiring an independent professional for a specific HR project results in lower fixed employment costs and reduces the cost of overtime and absenteeism, (2) easier access to talent accross the globe making it possible to hire niche professionals on highly specific projects without having to disrupt the workflow of the employees on your payroll and (3) the ability to shift and scale staffing up and down when the business requires it. Tapping into the on-demand workforce also has long-term benefits such as (1) multi-generational support: with 5 (!) generations represented in the workforce a more flexible work model allows to appeal to a more diverse range of talent and (2) taking pressure away from their regular employees by hiring freelance manpower.

Moving towards the next level of total talent management

 And depending on the maturity phase of the company the hiring of external talent (1) takes place decentrally - through purchasing / recruitment - without coordination, without central leasing policy and uncoordinated (multivendors),(2) coordinated between different departments in consultation and often working with a preferred supplier list (PSL),(3) with a central region that optimizes the entire hiring process, with or without a Master Vendor (MV),(4) strategic or (5) as a full part of the entire sourcing and HR policy (Total Talent Acquistion).

 What to think about a chief freelance officer?

We recently came across a great article via Nextconomy where this role of the future was introduced. We are convinced that agile companies will invest in a hybrid workforce and in a Chief freelance officer...

TIP: Nextconomy is organising a workshop about future proof recruitment and deployment of freelancers. 

Shaking things up in HR

At HRbuilders we’re also committed to shaking things up in HR because we are convinced that the HR function as we know it today is on the verge of going extinct. The entire #dreamteam is on a mission to provide HR interim managers and professionals with the tools and the mindset to help them thrive and survive in the future of work.

Through sharing inspiring content and food for thought, connecting great HR people and shaping #TheFutureOfWork we provide our customers with the best HR freelance experts Belgium, Europe, the US an Latin America have to offer.

And April 26th we will celebrate HRbuilders' 10th Birthday together with over 100 loyal customers and partners.

Check out the video here

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