12 may 2017

Last week we celebrated our 9th company birthday on our office boat CATE. We’ve been working in this beautiful office every day for 5 years now and for many, HRbuilders has become synonymous with ‘the boat’. Of course, CATE had a life before Captain Katrien Devos decided to turn it into HRbuilders’ headquarters.

Its journey began in 1931, when it was built as an ordinary riverboat used to transport bulk cargo on rivers. After many years of service, the boat was eventually abandoned and left in a derelict state. Katrien, at that time looking for a new location to accommodate HRbuilders’ expanding business, decided to take on the adventure and transform the former riverboat into a modern and inspiring working environment. Originally called Hush, it was renamed CATE, an acronym for our company’s core values: Commitment – Authenticity – Transparency – Enthusiasm.

CATE has been moored at the Stropkaai in Ghent ever since, apart from a trip to the dry docks last year, and has served as our main office that entire time. A big part of our HR freelance community has gotten to know the boat as one of the locations for our many events and workshops!

Excited to see our boat in real life?

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  • Keep a close eye on our calendar, because we organize workshops and events for our freelance community and HR network every month!
  • Be sure to use those opportunities to come take a look at our unique office!
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The story of our Office Boa

The original bland brown-grey paint on the outside was replaced by the vivid blue color of HRbuilders, and what once was nothing but the dull roof of the cargo hold, has been converted in a splendid terrace of 150m². Three separate zones were created with stones, artificial grass, foam benches, and even a catamaran sail in the lounge area, turning the formerly empty deck into a vibrant outside location for workshops and meetings!

The story of our Office Boat2The story of our Office Boat3

A total office space of 200m² is available on the boat, and this area is being used to the fullest. The main part of the interior consists of an open office area. Two smaller meeting rooms are separated from it by glass sliding windows, which almost resemble the old bulkheads of the riverboat. Five large windows provide the interior with plenty of natural light. The glass used reinforces the open and roomy feeling of the interior, and invokes the Transparency that HRbuilders pursues!

HRbuilders - established in 2008 with HQ in Belgium - is active in HR Interim Management/ HR Consultancy assignments in Europe. Our niche as a matchmaker is 1. HR (only) 2. temporary (only) and 3. freelancers (only). No headhunting, no other HR services, we focus on what we are great at! We offer our clients peace of mind where-ever they might need a temporary HR support. On average our assignments are 1 year or longer.

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