The best of the best - part tw

8 january 2018

2017 was an exciting year for HRbuilders! In 2017 we connected 110 HR interim managers to challenging assignments and 2018 started with a big bang! Looks like 2018 will be awesome!

Last week we shared some of the most liked articles I wrote for HRbuilders. This week we want to share with you our personal favorites.

#Enjoy the read and have a great week!

How to become a progressive HR leader

This is our absolute favorite article from 2017! In this #ConnectWithContent we shared our key learnings from the talk international thought leader Lisbeth Claus gave last summer, taking us and everyone present that day at least one step closer to #TheFutureOfHR. Lisbeth always has her ‘tentacles’ out there connecting the dots of what companies and HR can (should) do to tackle disruption.

With systems already strained and people feeling overwhelmed, companies need to change their value propostion, build a new organizational architecture and develop a new HR stack.

Lisbeth lead the way towards progressive HR. Want to learn more about progressive HR and the new roles HR should take on, then you should definitely re-read this ultimate eye-opening article.

Managing the Talent Pipeline: Reinvent, Redefine and Refresh

The familiar pattern of education, a job for life, followed by retirement, is being replaced by a multi-stage life, enabled by technological developments, bringing opportunities & challenges for the nature of work, working patterns, career ambitions and motivations. The need to reinvent, redefine and refresh one’s skills and behaviours over time emphasizes the need for organizations to have clarity on the critical skills for the future, and how they will intertwine to deliver business objectives.

Our second article shares insights on acquiring the right talent, the latest trends on talent management and shows how design thinking can improve both the candidate experience and the hiring process.

This article also mentions a study by Linda Naiman on "Designing and Refining Talent Acquisition" reinforcing the important role Design Thinking plays in HR.

Many organizations are rethinking their talent acquisition strategy and approaches they use in problem-solving. And for a growing number of organizations, these problem-solving approaches now include Design Thinking which takes an outside-in approach to solution-finding, starting with the perspective of the customer.

When using Design Thinking for problems in talent acquisition, the emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of all the stakeholders in this process are carefully considered. By empathizing with the experiences of each customer, Design Thinkers can provide context for problems and challenges in designing and refining the talent acquisition process.

Read the whole article here

People want direction, not directions

When the going gets tough, leaders default to micro management. A quote by Katleen De Stobbeleir, professor in Leadership & Partner at Vlerick. Especially in turbulent times, in come the “Swoop-in and save the day” leaders, not taking into account that rescuing is not the same as leading.

In our third personal favorite #ConnectWithContent it’s all about trust, about employee experience as the tonic for engagement, talent and productivity challenges, about mavericks at HR and about pioneers, drivers, integrators and guardians.

Read the whole article here

At Hrbuilders we are committed to connecting great HR people, providing HR with valuable curated content and helping HR professionals to stay ahead of the curve. It is also our mission to shake things up in the sector of Human Resources and to look into the new ways of working in game changing companies.

HRbuilders -Established in 2008 with HQ in Belgium - is active in HR Interim Management/ HR Consultancy assignments in Belgium, Europe and in the US. Our niche as a matchmaker is 1. HR (only) 2. Temporary (only) and 3. Freelancers (only). No headhunting, no other HR services, we focus on what we are great at!

Hope you had a great start of 2018!

And January 23rd, we've got a celebration coming up!

January 23rd we will make a toast to 2018 and collectively dream up the Future Of Work, the Future of HR and the Future Of Payroll. HRbuilders has recently broadened its action domain towards other niches. With PAYROLLbuilders, HRbuilders announced another niche company next to FINANCEbuilders. Robby De Caluwé, partner at HRbuilders and co-founder of this new company took a kick-start, serving 7 clients already! We’ve invited two keynote speakers who will take us on a journey towards the Future of Work, the Future of HR and the Future of Payroll.

>> more info via this link


Happy new year

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