TheFutureOfHR: Part I

3 april 2018

Easter break is the perfect time to take a step back, relax and catch up with some reading. For this week's #ConnectWithContent, we picked three of our favourite articles, talking about the #FutureOfHR and #TheFutureOfWork. 

Hope you enjoy the reads and the holidays ;) 

1. The new normal and what it means for HR

The new normal: a previously unfamiliar or atypical situation that has become standard, usual or expected. What does the new normal mean for how companies attract, develop and engage employees? What does the new normal mean for HR? 
In this article we tried to distill some new roles for HR and dug into some interesting predictions about the #FutureOfHR.

2. The future of HR is social: about teams, brokers & connectors

If you want to thrive as an organization, it is key to focus on teams instead of on individuals and to make sure you know who the brokers & the connectors are accross your departments.

This means HR will need to change its people & management practices to become more social,  will have to focus on social capital, or the value of people‚Äôs connections, relationships and conversations, rather than just on individuals and will need to work with other functions, with other business leaders, line managers and organizational change agents 
The future of HR is social! 

3. Navigating #TheFutureOfWork

We came across an issue from Deloitte Review with a framework for understanding the future of work and its implications for all stakeholders better. As we are eager to learn as much as we can on #TheFutureOfWork and how HR leaders can best prepare for it, we read it with a lot of enthusiasm and we are happy to share our summary with you. 


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