time for HR to get in the game!

25 august 2017

This fall HRbuilders is organising the second edition of their #HRBootcamp, helping HR lead the way to the future and providing them with the tools and mindset to thrive and make their organization future-proof.


Because the HR function as we know it, is on the verge of going extinct. And it is HRbuilders’ mission to shake things up in HR.

Doing more of wat HR has been doing and spending more money on it, won’t work anymore.

Our #HRBootcamp participants are convinced that HR needs to radically shift and by applying for our #HRBootcamp  they accepted the challenge to take on the role of Chief adaptability officer and lead the way of change.

From November 20-22 they will explore radically different HR practices, they will be challenged by national & international thought leaders on progressive HR. They will go on a road trip by bus in Belgium and the Netherlands visiting companies who have implemented innovative HR practices, figuring out along the way how to implement the real future of work in their own company.

In this weekly #ConnectWithContent we’ll be zooming in on one of the topics that we’ll cover during our #HRBootcamp - Agility - and we are happy to share with you the first gamechanger that will be challenging our #HRBootcamp participants in November: Lennert De Jong.

You don't innovate by staring in the past…

Lennert is experienced in the (online) hospitality distribution industry: business development, technology, strategy management, marketing & sales. He is full of energy and enthusiasm and that’s exactly why we picked him to entert(r)ain our HR rebels at our Kick-off evening, November 19th #HRBootcamp. Topic of his talk: human service in a tech environment.

Since 2006 Lennert is responsible for the commercial strategy of citizenM hotels: digital marketing, demand management and delivering a spectacular proposition are his key focuses.

Breaking the rules of the hotel industry by innovation from the outside and seeking strong partnerships on the inside.

That’s how he’s helped getting citizenM to where it is today. Lennert is responsible for citizenMs' revenue and commercial strategy: from finding new opportunities in an industry that gets disrupted, to strategic ventures and new business models. From performance management to customer journey optimization, leading the way on many forward-thinking technological initiatives in hospitality.

citizenM is driven by one desire: to create affordable luxury for the people.

By "the people" they mean a smart new breed of international travellers, the type who cross continents the way others cross streets and who travel the world with big hearts and wide eyes. citizenM Hotel is a hotel development company that reflects and learns from the needs of these new global citizens offering unique, quality lodging for an affordable price.

citizenM is completely different to other hotels in many ways, one of which is in the way they run things. They are both owners and operators and develop their hotels through innovative designs and a unique, modular construction method.

Our #HRBootcamp participants are in for a treat because Lennert will be our first gamechanger and we will spend the night at CitizenM Amsterdam.


Switching to Agile Management: time for HR to get in the game!

As the need for customer centricity increases, many companies are restructuring their management styles to meet these new demands. They’re switching to agile management to meet every day pressures of a fast-paced and ever-changing working environment.

Agile management divides a business into teams that act like start-ups and centres on the idea that employees should be largely self-organised.

Clearly this also has implications for HR that should adjust and adapt to make sure it doesn’t get left behind.

We already covered this topic in a previous post on Agile management in which we mentioned two essential activities HR should do to help their organization’s agile efforts succeed.

One of them is ‘go and see’: to understand what qualities are required to support an agile way of working, HR needs to go see these teams at work. If they’re not up and running in their own organization, they should visit other companies that are implementing it well.

It is only by visiting these teams at work, you can get a sense for the collaborative work environment and style of agile teams across the whole organization.


That’s a first good reason why you should join our #HRBootcamp!

We’ll be visiting + 15 companies that have implemented the future of HR and an agile way of working.

Convinced to join our #HRBootcamp?

Here’s what else you can expect:

  • network centric setting so you can expand your network of HR peers
  • connect with international thought leaders
  • behind the scenes views of world class innovative companies such as ABN amro, ING Netherlands, Google, Salesforce,…
  • meet-ups with HR practitioners from Belgium and abroad

We kick-off our #HRBootcamp in CitizenM Amsterdam November 19th with an open your mind talk by Lennert De Jong, followed by 3 days of radical inspiration in the Netherlands and Belgium and a closing keynote + Q&A with Peter Hinssen on the returning day in December.

And what’s more: if your manager or CEO joins on Saturday December 16th you get a refund of 1000 euro!

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