Yes we are women, what is your superpower?

2 october 2017

Thursday evening the crowd in our 'crib' aka office boat was extra special!
We hosted 65 strong ladies from the (untranslatable) community #straffemadammen and 1 brave male guest :)
Our captain Katrien Devos shared her inspiration from the Wild West -Silicon Valley and some China insights, together with Lesley Arens who showed us how we can make the translation to our organisations! 

We welcomed many new connections and could finally meet with some ladies in person, after enjoying an online click for months/years.

We believe in the empowerment of women through these kind of events, encounters, ideas spread and thoughts shared, and were happy that we could contribute.
Thank you Elke Jeurissen for asking! Enjoy the vibes!

First reply when asked who these #straffemadammen are? 
"Yes, we are women, what is your superpower?"

Special thanks to: Cato LeonardDixie Dansercoer and Julie BrownVeerle PappaertTineke Van hoolandSuyin AertsKris Colpaert and Greet Van Hecke

Check out the Straffe Madammen Video starring Lesley Arens about inspiring women and their tips on how to turn your professional ambitions into reality.  

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