My former boss is joining VALUEbuilders and we're going to kick some ass!

20 Mar 2017

Hans Joris - Valuebuilders#dreamteam expanded: level up for VALUEbuilders 

WHAAAAAAAAA, this is quite something! An important next step: Hans Joris, my former boss, joins our group! In dull-grey-suit-terms: Hans is now the CEO of VALUEbuilders and I will take on the role of Chairwoman. Together with Hans, we will start building strong foundations for the new holding. I’ve known Hans for years, so I know that we have very complementary profiles. Management tasks do not give me energy, a pair of extra hands to strengthen myself and the team is therefore more than welcome! We will be the perfect Manager-Entrepreneur duo.

#dreamteam expanded: level up for VALUEbuilders

Dream bigger

In October of last year, we kicked our entrepreneurial journey into the next gear: a strong #flexibleworkforce group is the ambitious goal. Growth requires a larger structure, so we founded the holding VALUEbuilders. Via a participation, a small takeover and the founding of respectively, Passion4Sales, FINANCEbuilders and SALESbuilders, these companies joined HRbuilders in the VALUEbuilders Interim Management and outsourcing family. Taking this step has gained me tons of new zeal, which feels fantastic! I’ve regained a fire for entrepreneurship and my companies in particular of course. I can’t wait to make this HR group a reality, providing a flexible workforce for everyone who needs it. In our own ‘not your average’ way. Since this step, the dream has only gotten bigger.

Hans used to be my former boss when I was working at SD Worx. He was actually the one who discovered my love for sales. I didn’t know I had it in me, until Hans gave me permission to experiment in sales by filling in for a colleague on maternity leave. You never forget the people who open doors for you, so we kept in touch. Hans became HR Director and later on CEO of SD Worx Belgium. At the same time, I was building my own company. With only one client in 2008, this was a huge move into the unknown. At the HRbuilders kick-off event, 9 years ago, I asked Hans to say a word or two about me. I will never forget his speech that evening. “It was written in the stars that Katrien would be an entrepreneur.” It seemed like an obvious step to him, however not for me. I had always been an energetic :-) employee, however I did not imagine myself as a self-employed entrepreneur at that time. He did.


Through the years, we kept following each other’s professional and entrepreneurial adventures and successes. It’s not until very recently that we started to explore the possibility of a collaboration. When I asked Hans if he could ever see himself working for a woman, me to be more exact, he did not hesitate.

So after 15 years, I am Xtremely excited to open the door for him to our now shared entrepreneurial journey! We dream of big and sustainable growth on the path we are going to take.

Super duper excited about this step forward! Welcome @Hans!

Read the complete press release (in Dutch-French-English)

---> Oh and we’re on the lookout for multiple senior sales and matching power people to join our teams! Wanna join our #dreamteam contact me or

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