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11 february 2019

Two weeks ago our International #dreamteam members Sigrun Debaillie and Sofia Van Overmeire attended the MERIT summit 2019 in Vienna. Next to organizing an HRdinner with several international HR peers around the table, they also connected at the MERIT Summit with HR professionals from all over the globe and participated in conversations about the the #FutureOfWork.

A big thank you to MERIT Summit for the great organization! 

To relive a bit of the summit's atmosphere, we made a summary of some important take-aways and quotes: 



  • Leadership is defining what you do in an emotional language. When you use words that connect people's hearts and minds, they want to be part of it to make the growth plan happen. 
  • Great people build bridges with people who are different. You need optimists, pessimists, realists, artists, helpers, organizations, makers.
  • Resilience is important however most leaders are tired.  So go back to the basics: food, sleep and exercise are fundamental.
  • A leader who wants to take care of others, needs first to take care of himself or herself.
  • The Competence of Action in a team consists of professional competence, methodological competence, personal competence and social competence.
  • Leaders who want to create a culture of learning provide a license to learn, role model it by showing they are learning and growing themselves, formalize it in the internal processes, embed new technologies and make it personal.
  • A shift of mindset is necessary : it's ok not to know, it's not ok to not learn.
  • Showing examples and stories of others who are learning, creates social pressure and make others learn.
  • A company can reach success by unleashing the full potential of its people.


  • Don't try to change human's (manager's) nature, but build on it! Robert Dobay 
  • Having experienced #holocracy and #hierarchy organisations, Carlo Giardinetti pleads for a hybrid organisation and a synthesis between both. 
  • Infinite dance between leadership and the organisation in order to develop new knowledge - new skills - new attitudes - new mindset . What is the challenge?? Building new behaviour = a big step. Carlo Giardinetti
  • How to develop digital competenties? Big corporates should do more since schools not able to deliver right skills.  Vodafone #codelikeagirl #whatwillIbe 
  • Call to action to big companies and regulators towards #GIGworkers . Great Keynote
  • Freelancers are not alone : indeed  Lori Niles-Hofmann! There is a great difference between the situation of GIG-workers & TalentWorkers ! #MERITsummit 
  • How to create a culture of #innovation. Look into entrepreneurial talent = specific DNA + develop leaders able to cope with ambidextrous situations 
  • The best opportunities to learn are out of your comfort zone.


Want to know more about the Summit? Be sure to also read this interesting blog post about #MERITSummit and the HRbuilders HRdinner by Brian Murphy. Special thanks to you Brian! 


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Written by

Sofia Van Overmeire

Business Manager Europe & Managing Partner at HRbuilders

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