Marshmallows, superchickens & scrappers :-)

7 may 2018

For this week's #ConnectWithContent, we want to share some of our favorite videos on HR, team performance and leadership. We like to watch videos as they inspire us and connect us with thought leaders on topics that we are passionate about and because we always learn a lot from watching them. But most importantly, we learn the most by interacting with those thought leaders and by sharing such videos with our (online) network because that way, we get great feedback from peers who agree or completely disagree...

  • Do you have some great videos to share?
  • Do you have feedback on these videos?

Please share them via the comments below!

Build a tower, build a team

What can we learn on collaboration and team performance from kindergarten kids :-)

This great marshmallow experiment shows what works and what doensn't...

Watch the video here

Why It's Time to Forget the Pecking Order at Work

We really love this video on productivity and motivation and the effect of 'superperformers' on teams. If we believe that succes can only be achieved by picking the superstars, giving only them all the resources and power and then let them suppress the productivity of the rest of the team, then we definitely need to find a better way to work, don't you agree? Unfortunately, many organizations and societies are run this way. In this video, Margareth shows what - according to her research - does make teams more productive...

Watch the video here

Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume

Great talk by an HR director who urges HR professionals & recruiters to give scrappers a chance...

Who would you pick? The silver spoon or the scrapper?

We prefer to call them mavericks. People with a divergent career path or who had to deal with struggle and major setbacks in life tend to perform better when dealing with challenges and uncertainty. This does not necessarily make them a better candidate, but at the very least, the scrapper deserves an interview? Don't you agree?

Watch the video here

And because we love to read too, here are some books that are currently on our to-buy list :)

  • What got you here won't get you there, by Marshall Goldsmith
  • Reimagining work, by Rob Biederman & Pat Petitti
  • Deep work, by Cal Newport
  • The power of people, by Nigel Guenole & Jonathan Ferrar

Enjoy and have a great week!

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