Business Development Professional & Matchmaker based in Paris

Business Development Professional & Matchmaker based in Paris (special focus on French market)

21 january 2019 - Written by Sofia Van Overmeire

To support our growth in France, we are looking for a second Business Development Professional & Matchmaker  based in Paris.  Do you combine an HR-background with a strong entrepreneurial/sales mind-set?… Then working with HR Builders could be an idea. Let’s challenge you!

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Do you speak my language?

Connect with content: Do you speak my language?

21 january 2019


HR professionals and executives speak very different languages. HR talks about the people, their development, about compliance, competencies, legal and talent requirements. And while there is no doubt these are important factors, for executives things invariably come down to business metrics. This disconnect prevents HR and executives from working together to make progress. And that’s an issue!
Business acumen is in short supply among HR professionals. In fact, it is the most lacking skill when looking for top-level HR talent. That’s why this week’s #ConnectWithContent is all about the importance of Business Acumen in HR: why are HR professionals lacking in this critical arena of skills, how can organizations train HR to become better at it and how can you, as an HR professional, start building your proficiency? Let’s find out…

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HRbuilders is hiring - HR Matchmaker

HRbuilders is hiring - HR Matchmaker (special focus on Limburg)

17 january 2019

Are you passionate about HR, do you have an entrepreneurial mind-set, are you a fan of building strong personal relationships and do you just love to match and close challenging deals? Then, this might be something for you. Let’s connect!

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Making rewards more rewarding…

Connect with content: Making rewards more rewarding…

14 january 2019

Unemployment rates are at an all-time low and organizations are now offering more robust benefits programs to attract and retain talent. The corporate wellness industry is constantly evolving, and savvy HR and wellness professionals need to stay on top of emerging trends to ensure their employee wellness program continues to advance. That’s why, for this week’s #ConnectWithContent, we dove into the trends emerging in the corporate wellness world today that are likely to affect wellness programs in 2019.

Here are some thoughts to get you started….

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