A new HR era has dawned."

Employee Experience "A new HR era has dawned."

21 february 2019 - Written by Sofia Van Overmeire

This weeks' HRBuilders Dinner was around the topic #EmployeeExperience. Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens (Vice President, head of Digital HR and People Analytics, #Solvay) & Heleen Mes, #HappinessBureau),2 subject matter experts, shared their insights and experiences.

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collage MERIT Summit 2019

MERIT Summit 2019

11 february 2019 - Written by Sofia Van Overmeire

Two weeks ago our International #dreamteam members Sigrun Debaillie and Sofia Van Overmeire attended the MERIT summit 2019 in Vienna. Next to organizing an HRdinner with several international HR peers around the table, they also connected at the MERIT Summit with HR professionals from all over the globe and participated in conversations about the the #FutureOfWork.

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et’s zero in on the (lifelong) learners

Connect with content: let’s zero in on the (lifelong) learners

11 february 2019

In today’s ever-changing world, there is a demand for new skill sets every year. For organisations to survive in the long term, it is imperative they ensure staff remain future-ready and embrace a culture of lifelong learning.  More than ever, training is effectively providing skills that match the way we learn in a high-tech world. Today training is all about personalization, ongoing support and making the most of today's cutting-edge technologies. It’s also about giving your workforce the incentives and social interactions they need to actively engage. That’s what this week’s #ConnectWithContent is all about: Lifelong Learning.


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Blueprints for hiring & retaining talent…

Connect with Content: Blueprints for hiring & retaining talent…

4 february 2019

The skills needed in the workplace are changing continuously, pushing the need for flexibility. Reinventing the talent acquisition function will become critical for organizations to close their skills gaps. This means upgrading the abilities of your recruiting team and giving them access to new technologies that can enhance their capabilities and experience, while reducing the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks. And to meet these challenges, organizations also better have a strategy for 'smart upskilling' because simply relying on recruiting people with the right skills ­will no longer do. HR not only has to reinvent the talent acquisition function, it is also facing a ‘reskilling revolution’.

For this week’s #ConnectWithContent, it’s all about reinvention of the talent acquisition function, retraining and reskilling. Enjoy the read and have a great week!

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