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20 march 2017

When the going gets tough, leaders default to micro management. Katleen De Stobbeleir, professor in Leadership & Partner at Vlerick, pointed it out earlier this week at the Award show Best Workplaces 2017 in Brussels. Especially in turbulent times, in come the “Swoop-in and save the day” leaders, not taking into account that rescuing is not the same as leading.

At HRbuilders we are committed to connecting great HR people, providing you with valuable curated content and helping you as an HR professional to stay ahead of the curve. It is also our mission to shake things up in the sector of Human Resources and to look into the new ways of working in gamechanging companies in Belgium and abroad.

In this week’s #ConnectWithContent it’s all about trust, about employee experience as the tonic for engagement, talent and productivity challenges, about mavericks at HR and about pioneers, drivers, integrators and guardians.

HR Can Build Trust By Doing Nothing

In this video, Erin Mille states that brazen trust is built through inaction and that enhancing trust will move business forward. We all need to learn to resist our eagerness to help, instead we need to learn to trust and give space. This requires self management and leading by example.

When trust is high, speed of execution tends to go up

Bye bye Human Resources, enter Employee experience

The never-ending debate about the future of Human Resources continues to take major twists and turns, with companies all over the world opting to introduce employee experience approaches as a tonic for engagement, talent and productivity challenges and as the primary long-term method to produce leading organizations within the economy.

Organizations like Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Cisco, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Orange, GE, and Adobe started to move away from traditional HR and embraced this “workplace as an experience” movement.

The best HR leaders in those pioneering companies have been labeled as mavericks, because they build something that goes against the norm, they challenge the status quo, and they extend well beyond the perceived limitations of their function. They bring meaning to the workplace and it runs through everything that affects people.

It looks like HR is on the verge of a major moment. What is clear is that this move quite visibly positions the employee experience as critical to the business, which gives practitioners the confidence and belief to know that HR is no longer a support function within the business, because the employee experience, to a large extent, is the business.

Can you imagine the repercussions in how we develop, grow, and accredit HR people within our profession?

There is no question that the transition from HR to employee experience thinking will be a challenge for companies, as many other organizations are joining the race to refocus their HR efforts on the employee experience. Instead of asking why they are changing their focus, the bigger question is why it is taking so long for employers to act on the basic truth that it is employees who deliver the value to customers and keep them coming back for more.

Read the whole article here

Pioneers, Drivers, Integrators, and Guardians

Organizations aren’t getting the performance they need from their teams. And often, the fault doesn’t lie with the team members. Rather, it rests with leaders who fail to effectively tap diverse work styles and perspectives—even at the senior-most levels. Some managers just don’t recognize how profound the differences between their people are; others don’t know how to manage the gaps and tensions or understand the costs of not doing so. As a result, some of the best ideas go unheard or unrealized, and performance suffers.

To help leaders claim this lost value, Deloitte created a system called Business Chemistry that identifies four primary work styles and related strategies for accomplishing shared goals. In this article, the authors lay out the value that each style offers, address the challenges of bringing people with different styles together, and describe how to capitalize on the cognitive diversity in organizations. Meet the pioneers, the drivers, the integrators and the guardians.

Read the whole article here

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