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17 may 2017

Last week we seized the gorgeous offices of Buroproject in Aalst to host our monthly workshop for our HR freelancer community. Sara Coene introduced the topic of employee experience, an increasingly prominent phenomenon in HR.

Employee Experience (?)

A simple definition is: “seeing the world through the eyes of employees”. How do they experience working at their company? What technologies can be used to boost their productivity? In what environment do they work best?

Our workshop aroused the interest of a huge part of our HR freelance community, confirming that it is indeed a hot topic in the world of HR. After all, employees are more empowered than ever to forge their own career path, and companies have to concoct creative ideas to keep their employees engaged to retain them.

Three ways to enhance the employee experience in your company!

#1 Become an EXpert in employee engagement

Engagement is a mission-critical element of the employee experience: without it, employees probably won’t stick around long.

Two ways of boosting engagement are company culture and workspace.

  1. As one of the cornerstones of employee experience, a company’s culture is crucial to attract and retain new talent. A fulfilling employee experience can help reinforce and spread your company’s culture and values among your employees, making it far clearer for them – and the outside world – what your company stands for. Thanks to this, you can then wield your culture and values as a powerful weapon in the war for talent to find new applicants.
  2. The physical location matters as well. A modern workplace consists very often of an open floor plan. Yet, is it really always the best layout for everyone? 
    No size fits all! 
    Refurbish your workplace to cater to different situations.
    Your employees need an area where they can work without being disturbed? >> Provide it!
    They want to discuss their assignment with others? >> Give them a place to do so!

#2 Happy workers , productive workers, EXtremely good results

Employees have to remain happy and motivated as well; after all, happy workers are productive workers. Streamlining the employee lifecycle – the different stages of an employee’s stay in the company – and fixing any irregularities in the system can already make a big difference.

One way to do this successfully is to listen to the feedback given by employees at any stage of their lifecycle, and use it to improve things. Employees can also rate a company’s culture and management easier than ever before online. Be aware of this and monitor these reviews! If these ratings fall too low, this is a clear call to action to start remedying existing issues!

#3 #TheFutureofHR is EXciting

HR will have to re-invent itself to adapt to the increasing focus on employee experience. Why not follow Airbnb’s lead in dedicating an entire department to employee experience, for example?

Two challenges that will pop up might offer opportunities to enrich the employee experience further.

  1. Firstly, digitalization continues at a relentless pace, and A.I. is playing a big role in this. Marketers are already using it to create a personalized experience for their customers.
    So why not do the same for employees? In the form of chat bots for example, A.I. could become a personal assistant to them, and enhance their experience.
  2. Another challenge is the company’s workforce. The mix between full-time employees and Gig Economy Workers (such as freelancers – the group HRbuilders focuses on!) will shift in the future as the Gig workers will only rise in number. Employee experience should also target specific issues related to them, like their integration in the company.

Read the full article here.

It’s safe to say that employee experience will grow to be a more prevalent part of #theFutureofHR.

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