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20 march 2017

At HRbuilders we are committed to connecting great HR people, providing you with valuable curated content and helping you as an HR professional to stay ahead of the curve. It is also our mission to shake things up in the sector of Human Resources and to look into the new ways of working in gamechanging companies in Belgium and abroad.

This edition of #ConnectWithContent, was inspired by Elise, who will be our intern for the following months (Welcome Elise!). She guided us towards some great content on innovation, why it is a strategic HR imperative and why radical ideas and rebellious creativity should challenge current business. To top it all off, we picked out a great TEDx talk for you on #TheFutureOfWork. Enjoy and have a great week!

Innovation, a strategic HR imperative

Too often we think of innovation as the responsibility of a product team or a business unit. At HRbuilders we are convinced, just like the author of this article, that HR leaders need to understand the critical importance of innovation today and that HR can (has to!) contribute to fostering innovation.

There are 3 things that HR Professionals can do to foster innovation:

  1. Hire for Innovation
  2. Create a culture for innovation
  3. Train and reward for innovation

(1) Hiring for innovation requires that we identify people who can “think outside the box.”

(2) The ability to help create, protect and build organizational culture is a critical role for HR to play, as it is a major driver for innovation. However, management needs to support, plan for and nurture a culture of innovation for innovation to be successful. An Unsupportive Culture is the Number One Obstacle to Innovation. While corporate culture is not necessarily the responsibility of HR leaders, the people who are hired and the training and cultural imperatives placed on the business are done so through the role of HR, so HR leaders can have a big impact on whether or not the organization is culturally attuned to innovation.

(3) The right rewards system provides a powerful force for reinforcing commitment, directing employee professional growth, and shaping the corporate culture to be more innovative. HR departments must look at the reward mechanisms in place and ask if they are doing the right things to develop the employees and culture of the organization. This should include: compensation strategies, performance management tools and other targeted recognition and reward programs.

Read the whole article here

From Human Resources to Resourceful Humans

In his talk, Heiko Fischer builds a strong case for turning Human Resources on its head by enabling employees to become resourceful humans instead. He argues that businesses should be designed around a network of entrepreneurial teams contributing autonomously to the best interest of its customers.

Entrapreneurial Success: Leading Disruption, Managing Change

Organizations, by their very nature, are designed to promote order and are run to produce efficient repeatable output. They thrive on stability and predictability, which is why incremental improvements are the preferred type of innovation for most institutions. Embracing an intrapreneurial mindset, which intentionally disrupts things from the inside out and often from the bottom up, is therefore a radical concept. It challenges the status quo, the hierarchy and the more incremental and evolutionary path most managers prefer.

To flourish in today’s exponential economy, however, leaders need to promote a discipline of innovation—one that helps them optimize their current businesses, while moving forward at startup speed to develop the game changing ideas that will define their company’s future. They need to get their enterprise to the place where radical ideas are not seen as bad ideas, where rebellious creativity can challenge current business and where technology paradigms is treated as a potential source of future prosperity.

Read the whole article here

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