27 september 2019

To find, keep and support the right talent: with artificial intelligence, it's possible. That’s what 5 HR experts from 5 different companies told our guests at our HRbreakfast, with an emphasis on fast. Each expert answered one question within 20 minutes: 'What's the value of artificial intelligence for HR?'

> You want to match candidates faster 

Why not let your computer screen CVs? Davio Larnout, co-founder at Radix, told us that Radix’s technology helps you compare your job vacancy to the applicant’s CV. Radix verifies whether the words you use to describe the applicant’s skills, education and languages match the words in the applicant’s CV. 

However, can computers always find the right match? What if the applicant talks about ‘Microsoft Office', while you talk about ‘MS Office’ in your job vacancy? Just like us, computers recognise synonyms and understand relations between words. By experience, the computer knows that ‘Microsoft Office’ and ‘MS Office’ mean the same thing. 

Davio ended with, as he put it, a cliffhanger. He believes that artificial intelligence will change HR because AI allows us to automate tasks. Davio concluded: 

'Every HR person should make strategic decisions. If the company is not thinking strategically, I think it will go overboard.'

> You want your applicants to find your vacancy

Artificial intelligence can help human resources in many other ways. For instance, AI helps you find the right candidate in the right location. But how? 

Chris Beenders, talent acquisition manager at imec, told us that she wants to make it easier for applicants to find imec’s vacancies. The company now uses Google for Jobs in addition to their career website. Imec gives Google data to rank higher in Google’s search results. Google, in return, analyses the applicant's click and search behaviour. 

Our favourite quote from Chris? 

'Recruitment should be a joint responsibility. If you say that recruitment is the sole responsibility of the recruiters, it becomes very difficult. You really have to do it together because it’s such a challenge.' 

Curious to discover more benefits of AI? Read how AI can prevent absenteeism and increase employee retention. To quote one of our most inventive speakers to date: 'It’s all about finding Wally.'

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