20 march 2017

A Sales punch to the face

Generally speaking, getting Peter Hinssen and Steven Van Belleghem to speak at your event, would be quite impressive. In February, Snackbytes upped the ante by also inviting social media phenomenon Gary Vaynerchuk to the What’s next?! conference in Antwerp. Five of our HRbuilders #dreamteam members were present, as well as our colleagues from FINANCEbuilders an SALESbuilders.

Never heard of GaryVee before?

Your group is getting smaller by the minute. With more than 3.5 million fans and counting on social media, Gary Vaynerchuk is a thought leader in marketing, social media and entrepreneurship. This self-made, successful business man is known for his no-nonsense style and do-mentality. He documents his every move as an entrepreneur in a series called #DailyVee and is host of the #AskGaryVee Show, where he answers followers’ questions about digital media, entrepreneurship, leadership and more.

Everything Gary does is fuelled by a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies. He grew his family's wine business from a $3M to a $60M company in just five years. He runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way, he also became an angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Uber and Venmo and co-founding the VaynerRSE fund. Gary’s secret:

Be where consumer’s attention is going next!

Gary more than anyone, understands that the future of marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation & customer relationships is a digital world.

Happy to share with you some key take aways from his talk and Q&A:

Gary on #TheFutureOfMarketing

  • You have to be where the attention is at this moment
  • Facebook is the number one channel and you need to be the number one show on that channel
  • It's context along with content
  • In a world full of options you need to explore influencer marketing, they bring value at a low price

Gary on entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship requires macro patience "building your vision takes years" and Micro speed "in your day2day you have to be Xtremely fast"
  • As the world changed, the rules stay the same >> creativity is the variable
  • We are living in a headline reading society, so stand out!

Gary on self-esteem

  • What we lack politically, globally and in business is Empathy. Don't let negative comments influence your self-esteem!
  • People are holding back because they are afraid of negative feedback. You shouldn't give a f**k, but you do have to take feedback seriously

Gary on HR

  • The cost of people leaving your company is so high. That's why keeping your people should be key
  • How to keep people motivated > Apply the same rules as in marketing: Find out what they care about and want & become obsessed by it
  • If you don't fire losing players, your winning players leave!

#EverybodyIsInSales #wnconf

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