Freelancing: The future looks bright!

29 may 2017

From June 5th till June 9th HRbuilders will be organizing XL workshops for her HR freelance community and for professionals considering the opportunity to take the leap and become a full time freelancer. That’s why in this week’s edition of #ConnectWithContent, we are zooming in on #TheFutureOfWork in which freelancing seems to have become normalized.

With a massive influx of fresh talent choosing to eschew full-time work and an increase in experienced workers entering the freelancing marketplace, the business of freelancing is changing rapidly. Let’s take a loop at which trends are shaping the future of work and of freelancing and what this means for freelancers:

1) Freelancing becoming normalized

More companies than ever before are more open to using freelancers than ever before, accelerating the acceptance of freelancing in the world of business.

Tip 1 for HR interim managers: Focus on what you’re good at and work together with an agency to connect you to the most challenging assignments. That way you don’t have to invest yourself in sales or prospecting. HRbuilders has some challenging assignments as we speak in Belgium and in Europe.

2) Niches and micro-niches

Positioning yourself as a freelancer in a niche, or even micro-niche will become key

Having a profound expertise in a limited number of subjects – rather than a shallow knowledge of a great number of different domains – will improve your chances as companies tend to look for freelancers especially when in need of a specific expertise.

So in with the specialists and out with the generalist?

With the number of freelancers rising, freelancers will have to make sure their positioning & personal branding is crystal clear whether they are specialist or generalist. Turning to niches certainly seems an important way of doing so.

Tip 2 for HR interim managers: When working with an interim management agency such as HRbuilders, make sure that agency knows what you’re good at and what your expertise is. That way their matchmakers know exactly who to call when one of their clients has a temporary gap within a specific niche in HR. In case you expertise has changed, don’t forget to let the agency know that it has changed.

3) Specialists collaborating with specialists

Specialists working together with other specialists is one of the oldest ways of working and will become more critical than ever: after all, if you’re going to focus on one niche, it is inevitable that someday you’ll need knowledge you don’t currently have (access to). That’s why it’s crucial to work together with other freelancers. Look at them as partners, not as competitors.

Tip 3 for HR interim managers:When working via HRbuilders, marketleader in HR interim management in Belgium, you become a member of our HR freelance community with learning opportunities via our monthly organized workshops and continuous learning possibilities by engaging with other HR freelancers who can help you tackle problems that you’re facing on a current assignment.

Agencies themselves also are better to focus on a niche and partner with other agencies when out-of-their-niche expertise is required by one of their clients. This is exactly what HRbuilders believes in: we’ve installed several partnerships with other companies and in order to be able to service our clients in other niches, FINANCEbuilders and SALESbuilders were founded, enabling all three niche agencies to pool resources and rely on each other’s network to find the expertise needed to help serve their clients.

Everybody wins!

4) In-person networking remains key

Online platforms seem like the be-all and end-all of freelancing these days. Freelancers tempted to rely solely on online networks will find that the number #1 way freelancers get clients is via networking, not via stranger-leads that come in via automated marketing.

While a laptop and access to the internet technically suffice to start freelancing, it bears little to no guarantee of success. With the barriers to entry so low, lots of people can enter the freelance market, and many take advantage of that possibility. Your online presence will not stand out enough among the masses of freelancers to be able to let your whole income hinge on it.
That’s why networking in-person will always remain key. Online channels will never replace that in the foreseeable future: online networking is more a way to strengthen contacts you already have, not necessarily the most efficient way to create new contacts.
Cold-calling will barely be a success, you’ll have to rely on your network (via an agency) to get new assignments.

Tip 4 voor HR interim managers: Invest in coming to network events of agencies and providers as they know like no other what the needs of their network are. The more you participate in such networking events, the better agencies such as HRbuilders will get to know you.

5)     The new American Dream: flexibility

The focus of #TheFutureOfWork will increasingly be on having flexibility: being less dictated to, having more say-so in our overall careers than traditional employment ever offered. The shift to a freelancing economy can also – partially, at least – be explained by this desire for more freedom, more autonomy and more flexibility. People are paying more attention to the work-life balance of their job, and a freelancing career might help improve that balance.

Our intern Brecht wrote most part of this week's #ConnectWithContent based on this article.

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