Executive Day 2017

7 june 2017

FINANCEbuilders and  HRbuilders have teamed up with Kevin Mottard (CFO Community Manager Nederland, Alex Van Groningen) to organise the first edition of ‘Executive Day – Belgium meets the Netherlands’ on September 21, in Brasschaat.

Alex Van Groningen has been organising networking events for Finance, HR, M&A and general management for over 20 years. The Dutch community has been asking for a collaboration with a Belgian partner for a while now, as it is clear that executives in both countries would benefit from extending and deepening relationships across the border. This was the starting point for the creation of Executive Day – Belgium meets the Netherlands. 

We are proud to announce that Luc Van den Cruijce, CEO of FINANCEbuilders, and HRbuilders are founding partners of this inspiring initiative.  

FINANCEbuilders and HRbuilders share a DNA that focusses strongly on personal relationships, also across your country's borders) and a belief in #TheFutureOfWork in which the workforce becomes more and more flexible.

The following guest speakers, some of whom are friends of HRbuilders’, will help you find the differences and similarities between your Belgian and Dutch peers:
•    Duco Sickinghe (former CEO Telenet)
•    Niko Demeester (Secretary-General Voka)
•    Wim Vanseveren (Flemish-Dutch house deBuren Director)
•    Rudy Aernoudt (Chief Economist European Commission)
•    Jacques Vandermeiren (CEO Port of Antwerp)
•    Tom Palmaerts (Trendwatcher and Generation Z specialist)
•    Jochem Schellens (Papendal Sports centre Director)
•    Katrien Dewyngaert (founder Startit @KBC)
•    Bart De Smet  (Ageas, Manager of the year) 
•    Bart De Wever (Mayor of Antwerp since 2013)
•    Rik Torfs (Professor and rector at KU Leuven)

What to expect on September 21? Check out a wrap-up of the CFO Day, earlier this year here. 

Congratulations to Luc Van den Cruijce and FINANCEbuilders for playing such a huge part in this unique event in Flanders.

This event is perfect for CEOs, CFOs and CHROs.

Let’s inspire each other, across country borders. 
See you in September! 

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