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21 february 2019

This weeks' HRBuilders Dinner was around the topic #EmployeeExperience. Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens (Vice President, head of Digital HR and People Analytics, #Solvay) & Heleen Mes, #HappinessBureau),2 subject matter experts, shared their insights and experiences.

"Does it makes sense to organise an evening with the topic #EmployeeExperience?" for senior HR-leaders...

As quickly as we launched our event, as quickly we had a fully booked table and Heleen confirmed by quoting Gallup that it does make sense:


"More and more organisations are realising that employees can only be at their best if they are really comfortable. If they can control things, if they can achieve something and if they can contribute to a greater cause. Experience has shown that companies that are actively engaged in the happiness of employees are more innovative and successful."

"As Simon Sinek puts it: Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. So it’s about time to get started with creating a great employee experience." Sure... we all know this is crucial for a #happyCulture, but why - och why is still only 15% of the workforce engaged?

Helene elaborated in her keynote the five paramount factors of the ultimate employee experience:

  • A happy culture
  • Agile leadership
  • Redesign HR processes and map the employee journey
  • Technology that works
  • & inspiring workplaces.

This introduction brought us seamlessly to Bruce's exciting journey with Solvay where he Re-imagines ways of working in co-creation and start-up mode, to unleash the full potential of people and organization

In the quest towards the right technology... Solvay decided to shift towards #EmployeeExperience and #CustomerExperience leveraging #Digital by creating their own "YOU" platform for employees designed by employees. Bruce the driving force behind the YOU platform @Solvay, explains the scope of the project in this short video.

The tool is no HR tool, it's a tool created by employees to enhance collaboration and connection all over the globe. Since the first MVP several other features were added and the design and testing continues. Today "You" enhances feedback, facilitates job matching & mobility, learning, pulse checks...

Nice discussions, useful inspiration, strong evidence for the power of co-creation. Helene and Bruce, our dear guests, thank you so much for sharing and keep in mind, as was written one of Heleen's slides... #EmployeeExperience is an attitude not a department (Ben Whitter).

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Further reading? 

Heleen wrote a book with her partner Gea Peper: 

"Employee Experience -Happy People Better Business"

NOMINATED ON THE LONGLIST : Managementboek van het jaar in the Netherlands

Happy Reading! 

Written by

Sofia Van Overmeire

Business Manager Europe & Managing Partner at HRbuilders

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