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30 january 2018

As an entrepreneur you can never have enough dreams according to Katrien Devos, captain at HRbuilders. And Katrien always writes those dreams down on a BOE (= back of the envelope). And that’s exactly how PAYROLLbuilders started! 

As you probably know HRbuilders has broadened its action domain towards other niches. With PAYROLLbuilders, Katrien Devos announced a fourth (!) company next to HRbuilders, FINANCEbuilders and SALESbuilders. Robby De Caluwé, partner at HRbuilders and co-founder of this new company took a kick-start, serving 7 clients already! 

PAYROLLbuilders’ USP is their independency:
they are an add-on for the services
Social secretaries and interim agencies offer. 

lancering payrollbuilders

In a world where everything changes at dazzling speed, it is key to take time to celebrate the successes of last year, to learn from the mistakes we made and to make plans for the year ahead.

That’s why last week we celebrated the​ ​launch​ ​and​ ​kick-start​ ​of​ ​PAYROLLbuilders​ ​together with +/- 70 HR peers and loyal customers. Robby De Caluwe, partner at HRbuilders and proud CEO of PAYROLLbuilders introduced his #dreamteam

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We’ve also invited two keynote speakers who took us on a journey towards the Future of Work, the Future of HR and the Future of Payroll:

Reward in an international context

Steven Claes, Global Head of Reward at SWIFT is a true expert in reward and worked at Chiquita, Tessenderlo Group, E&Y,... Steven taught us all there’s to know about reward in an international context and explained the reward model at SWIFT as well as the main challenges SWIFT faces.

Some of his key take aways:

  • Networking is key also in reward,
  • You need to look at the overall picture and learn from it
  • It’s about agility and building the right business case
  • Impact of the digital revolution
  • First look at the culture, then at the needs of your employee, then check the market
  • Permanent employees versus temporary workforce


Back to the future

In order to ‘see the future’, you have to know the past and understand the present, dixit Michael Custers, so he took us an a journey back in time how PAYROLL once started: it started with mainframe, followed by personal computing, ERP and in 2006 HR in the cloud was introduced. 

Michael Custers calls himself a T-shaped strategy, marketing and management leader and for the last 13 years he has been working at NGA HR, a global leader in HR & payroll services.

Michael showed us the future of payroll that will be technology-enabled and in which experience will be key. That’s why HR needs to work closely together with marketing.
He also explained the next-gen operating model for HR and PAYROLL and the 5 big trends that will be impacting the future of payroll:

  1. Lean standardized processes with blockchain
  2. Digital with chatbots, wearables, IoT, social and mobile
  3. Intelligent automation with AI, machine learning, VR and automation
  4. Advanced analytics
  5. And As a service

he future of payroll: technology-enabled & experience is key

Payroll is key in every company

If you want to learn more on the future of Payroll, be sure to read this blogpost that Robby wrote (Article in Dutch) 

Our recipe for success in each of our ventures at HRbuilders is the same:
to connect great people. And that’s exactly what we did last week. 

Let's Connect! 

For sure we can help you thrive in the Future of work, the Future of HR and the Future of Payroll. 

> Do you have a temporary gap in HR or PAYROLL? Be sure to reach out to us! 
> Do you want to join Robby’s #dreamteam? Be sure to connect with Robby

See you next week! 

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