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16 october 2017

Final Call to become a progressive HR leader: #HRBootcamp Nov 20-22

Hello there HR rebel,

Are you eager to learn as much as you can on #TheFutureOfWork and how HR and business leaders should best prepare for it, then be sure to join our #HRBootcamp because the future is already here!

HR leaders now have the opportunity to become the catalyst for fundamental change, provided they are willing to break out of the current HR silo thinking.

This is your final call for joining us in shaking things up in HR!

The new HR stack

A successful transition to #TheFutureOfWork will only be possible when traditional HR is topped off with a new more progressive HR and a new HR stack with these 4 building blocks.

1.      HR Analytics

2.      Behavioural Economics

3.      Agile Management

4.      Design Thinking

This new HR stack is the key to remaining relevant and being prepared for HR's new role in #TheFutureOfWork: Chief Adaptability Officer.

What got us here won’t get us there

During our road trip by bus towards #TheFutureOfWork, we'll be visiting friends and radical thinkers in Belgium and The Netherlands that evolved towards a more progressive approach and they will challenge us:

·        How to build an Employee Experience Journey

·        Why HR analytics and strategy are the perfect match

·        How to deal with difficulties that arise when two company cultures collide

·        How to create the right structure to achieve extreme growth

·        How to manage a global company from a people perspective with extremely
         different talent markets

The HRBootcamp will be tough, you will have to step outside of your comfort zone. And don't worry, there's no actual mud involved :-)

3 good reasons for you to join!

1.      Expand your network of HR peers and business leaders

2.      Connect with (international) thought leaders

3.      Behind-the-scenes view of world-class innovative companies with a radically different
         DNA (Google, Showpad, ABN Amro, KBC, Carya group,...)

What to expect?

·        4 days of radical inspiration & exploration of #TheFutureOfWork

·        Networking-centric setting with (international) HR peers

·        Challenges by thought leaders on progressive HR

·        Tools & Mindset to thrive and stay ahead of the curve

Along the way, you will figure out how to implement the real future of work in your own company, as your participation comes with your own business case that you will have to pitch analyse and rethink.

Pricing - Dates - Location

·        Kick-off: November 19 in Amsterdam in CitizenM

·        3 consecutive days: November 20-21-22 in Amsterdam and Belgium

·        Follow-up day: December 16 (morning)

·        Road trip by bus in Belgium and The Netherlands

·        4499 euro excl. VAT

If your CEO/Manager joins us on Saturday December 16 (pitching-session on #TheFutureOfWork, Q&A and Keynote with Peter Hinssen) you get a refund of 1000 euro.


See you there!

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