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11 december 2017

HRbuilders is committed to connecting great people in HR. We are convinced that #TheFutureOfWork is all about flexibility and that’s why we invest heavily in building freelance careers.

The 4th industrial revolution with technology, demographics and globalization as major drivers have shifted the context of work and workforce fundamentally. We are convinced that 80% of what HR is doing today won’t be done by them anymore in 5 years or less. HR is challenged to rethink the talent value proposition and to radically shift towards a new HR framework in which traditional HR is topped off with progressive HR.

This week’s #ConnectWithContent is your last and final wake-up call as HR is headed for total disruption!

It’s time for a new breed of HR rebels and we
are going to help you to lead the way and take
on the role of Chief adaptability officer.

That’s why we are organising an exclusive meet-up with Peter Hinssen to help HR rebels accelerate their ‘Day after tomorrow thinking’. To get you warmed up, we’ve been sharing some thoughts from Peter’s book ‘The day after tomorrow’ these last three weeks.

For today’s organizations, our exponentially changing world has come with great consequences. In his book ‘The day after tomorrow’, that I’ve read for the second time, Peter Hinssen shares some amazing stories of pioneers who managed to adapt to those changes and moved beyond today and even tomorrow in their approach of innovation. We’ve been sharing some key insights from his book and this week we conclude with 4 big questions that Peter tries to answer during the course of his book:

Big Question #1
Why is it almost impossible for large organizations to spot new and radical technologies quickly and develop their potential? What explains this organizational blindness to new opportunities?

Big Question #2
Why are large corporations so eager to acquire new start-ups and why are they capable of messing it up so profoundly in a record time?

Big Question #3
How is it possible that large corporations - even when they understand their own challenges and the directions they need to take - are incapable of moving on their own without external help and guidance?

Big Question #4
How can corporates accelerate their Day-after-tomorrow Thinking? Why do large organizations that understand the fundamental challenges coming at them, seem to be too paralyzed to move fast enough to respond? How can companies become agile in their Day-after-tomorrow Thinking and be successful in developing an approach that works.

4 questions

To get you thinking.

To look back, hit the reset button and dream up your Day After Tomorrow.

If you try to imagine the Day After Tomorrow
with all the possible scenarios of radical
change, and work your way back from there,
ou’ll end up with a different kind of tomorrow!

And to get HR going, we've invited our HR network to our exclusive meet-up with thought leader Peter Hinssen Saturday December 16th.

Too late to join us. Sorry, we’re fully booked. Here’s where you can find info about the most epic event that you will have to miss.

Don’t worry >> we’ll be livestreaming every single word Peter says…

Peter wishes you Godspeed in #TheDayAfterTomorrow

So does HRbuilders :-)

For almost 10 years now, HRbuilders has responded to the growing trend and demand of maximum flexibility in the field of Human Resources. We are marketleader in Belgium and growing in Europe when it comes to our niche. Triple focus: 1/ Human Resources, 2/Temporary Projects 3/The best Freelance HR Consultants. HR Builders is committed to match companies that have a temporary HR need in Belgium, EMEA and the US, quickly and efficiently with the right Interim HR Manager, as well as to build freelance HR careers with the most appealing and challenging temporary assignments. A career is the result of multiple projects and experiences. Its network of independent HR managers consists of +2500 HR profiles. All of them are screened in person.

Check out the video of Peter Hinssen's Day After Tomorrow keynote for 'Deloitte's Data With A View' in The Hague.

Enjoy and stay tuned for another Connect With Content next week! 

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