Two new roles for #dreamteam member Lesley Arens

14 november 2017

As HRbuilders continuously challenges HR to dare to take on new roles, we want to show you that internally we walk the talk: just before summer Lesley challenged us that she wanted to explore another role within our companies than the one of Country Manager Belgium. So we looked into other possibilities to keep her strengths and enthusiasm aboard.

Lesley not only breathes our learning and innovation culture from the day she entered HRbuilders in May last year, she also showed plenty of her talents which we didn't tap into enough the first year.
So, after multiple sounding boards and lots of thinking-through we are extremely excited to announce that she will take on two new roles from now on:

First, Lesley will be our marketing and PR go-to person
for the VALUEbuilders group of companies.

Second, Lesley will explore her sales talents
as Matchmaker aka Business Partner for HRbuilders


To us, this makes so much sense now: she loves to network from a content perspective and very personal. I have the feeling this is a great decision. I see a woman on a mission: beyond helping companies filling temporary gaps with traditional HR Interim Management assignments, Lesley is an enthusiastic promotor of the new HR-stack and competencies that HR needs to avoid extinction.

Apart from being a superwoman writing a book, organizing authentic leadership gatherings and recently running a marathon. Gogogo Lesley! 

Welcome aboard again and even more excited in your new journey at HRbuilders and VALUEbuilders!


PS: Internal organisation --> We will not search for a new Country Manager, our matchmaking team was already self-steering and together with Hans we’ll guide our whole Belgian #dreamteam to become as kick-ass confident as they can :-)

Katrien Devos Captain & Hans Joris CEO VALUEbuilders

Katrien Devos    Hans Joris

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