21 february 2020

Can you use technology and stay ‘human’ at the same time? "Yes", says Bart Van Keer, Strategy Director HCM Oracle. Technology can make human resources even more human. Innovation ensures that you will do your job longer and with greater satisfaction. But how?

Lots of willingness, little application

The bad news: work environments are becoming more complex. You have to take more factors into account than before: quality, speed, complexity, legislation and regulations as well as the experience you’re offering to internal or external customers and employees. You have to process a lot of data, often repeatedly, repetitively.

The challenge for HR is to improve the employee experience and to transform the employee experience into a human experience. Work must either remain human or become human. Work must become something you would love doing. "84% of the interviewees find this important, and 28% find it urgent", Deloitte notes in Human Capital Trends.

The good news: “93% of people would trust orders from a robot at work”, says a study conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace. HR professionals do want to work with artificial intelligence. This should come as no surprise: we work with AI on a daily basis, even outside of work. Even when you drive to work, you follow orders from AI. At least, if you trust the voice of your GPS to get you to the right location. 

Working longer, fewer jobs 

The bad news: we should work longer, but don't want to work longer. Everyone knows this. Securex, however, wanted an (extra) confirmation and asked: "Are you willing to work until the age of 65?” 63% answered with "no". But why do people want to retire? Do they want to retire because of their age? Bart Van Keer: 

"They’re facing physical obstacles instead of psychological ones. Employees can't do interesting work. They can't do work in which they can contribute, in which they are motivated and appreciated".

The good news: intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can make you prefer to do your job,  by taking over your repetitive tasks and improving your employee experience. Imagine having to answer the same customer questions instead of doing what you love doing. A chatbot can perfectly answer these questions, while you can focus on doing what you love doing. CHRO's find this important: “84% of chief human resources officers find human experiences really important.”


Jobs will disappear. But there is something in return. Technology also creates new jobs. Technology makes jobs more human. Technology makes human resources more 'human'. Bart's tip? Start small. Don't try to change the world. “Now I can do what I love doing.

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