Building the right team takes time, money and an app

24 july 2017

Attracting top talent is a key driver of business success and what keeps many business leaders awake at night. Building the right teams with the right talent takes time and money. Companies have increasingly sought to gain access to a wider range of potential employees via outsourcing hiring to HR agencies.

With technology transforming many industries at an unprecedented pace, it appears that these agencies are facing a potential existential threat from the entrance of low cost digital platforms into their market.

How futureproof is HRbuilders?


After unveiling Google for jobs, setting out to help both job seekers and employers, Google recently introduced hire, an app designed to help businesses recruit more effectively (you can read the article here). Google Search connects jobseekers to job opportunities from the open and broad ecosystem of providers, including employer listings such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Facebook. Google Hire addresses the needs of our G Suite customers—making it easier to hire the right people.

So yes, intelligent apps such as Google for jobs can definitely make working together easier and improve decision making and business results.

Is HRbuilders ripe for re-invention by digital platforms?


At first glance, the human resources sector, which fills temporary and other vacancies for companies, does look ripe for re-invention by digital platforms. The role of agencies such as HRbuilders - connecting great HR people - is essentially to match candidates to employers’ needs, facilitate a transaction and take a fee in the middle which is exactly the kind of business model that has proliferated in the online world.

So… HRbuilders over and out?


No way!

Many of the common assumptions about changes in the labour market are not shared by the companies that actually recruit workers, it appears in this article shared with us by Geert Degrande. And reports of the demise of HR agencies seem to be greatly exaggerated.

While the market for labour will become more transparent, it will also become more complex. Employers anticipate that they will need to hire workers with a wider variety of competencies and skills in the future as their products and services change faster to adapt to market conditions.


Digital technology and skills will definitely play a role in helping to select suitable candidates for positions. At the same time human skills will become more important to matching candidates to positions given the variety and mix of skills they will require. HR firms will need to understand their customers and candidates even more than in the past and technology won’t be able to do that.

That’s exactly what HRbuilders has been doing since captain Katrien Devos founded the company 9 years ago. And that’s exactly why HRbuilders keeps growing in Belgium and in the rest of Europe.

The impact of digital technologies on the HR agency sector will be huge, but it will vary according to segment:

  • The higher end of the recruitment market, which recruits professional and specialist candidates, is likely to continue to be dominated by firms that depend on human skills (because of the need to know more about individual candidates)
  • The generalist, more commoditised, end of recruitment is likely to shift to newer digital platforms.

That’s also what we’ve learned from Lisbeth Claus, when she gave a great keynote about the new HR stack at our office boat last month. Check out the article ‘How to become a progressive HR leader) via this link or via our HRbuilders website (there’s lots of content on #TheFutureOfHR there too)

This report confirms that the future does look bright for HRbuilders just as the future looks bright for interim management. Just recently, De Tijd focussed on the rise of interim management as a means for companies to cope with the digital revolution in various sectors. More and more companies seem to be on the lookout for change managers and project managers to guide their companies through transformation.

HRbuilders, marketleader in HR interim management in Belgium and growing its international presence in Europe, confirms this trend with +20% growth in 2016 and a continuing upward trend in 2017. You can read the article here

So, does building the right team take time, money and an app?
Possibly, but skills will always give humans the edge over automation…

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