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4 may 2017

Connecting great HR people is our passion and mission, while also sharing valuable and relevant content that will help you to stay ahead of the curve. Since HR issues are growing in scale and complexity and are demanding more creative approaches and innovative solutions, we all need to be at the forefront of the (r)evolution. 

In order to do so, we organise HRdinners on a regular basis. Last week, we had a full table of top HR professionals from our community, with central guest Jacques Ziouziou, HR Director Labour Relations at Nexans.

Jacques’ job is to set up and deploy a change management program to support the strategic decision in terms of industrial footprint at Nexans. His mission gave us enough food for thought for a discussion that lasted the whole evening.

evulation de la qualite de vie au travail

The 5 building blocks of Social Transformation

All of our guests had an extensive experience with dealing with unions and the difficulties that sometimes arise. It's no surprise then that everyone was inspired by how Jacques stimulated the participation, communication and negotiation with social partners at multi-levels in order to set up the transformation program. 

How can you set up a transformation project with engineers? By rationalising, measuring and working in a methodological way, dixit Jacques.

Starting point for Nexans was discovering that 85% of European employees, according to a Gallup study, were looking at their job solely as a means to earn a living and not as a source of satisfaction. The social transformation project was based upon 5 building blocks.

  1. Recognition: recognition became a key value in the company, each employee desires to receive recognition as an individual and as part of a team
  2. Managerial practices: There’s always a need for the stimulation of positive leadership. Quality of leadership is essential for a good performance and showing interest in people is never a loss of time.
  3. Social climate: "no" is also an answer, Jacques’ tip is to use the energy of negatively engaged people / rebels in a proactive way, letting them to participate in the transformation with monthly measure metrics and data to allow follow-up.
  4. Socio-dynamics: Measuring antagonism and synergy and working on the influencers and ambassadors of better engagement.
  5. Wellbeing at work: this should no longer be an annex. It should be a pillar of performance. 


We would like to thank our participants for their presence, spontaneity and enthusiasm. Connecting HR people is our mission and thanks to Jacques, we have a heard a new story to inspire us all. Thank you Jacques for taking the time to takes us through Nexans’ journey.

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