Buckle up for a new HR stack without losing sight of the H in HR

3 july 2017

Guido Heezen (Effectory, a Dutch agency that specialises in Employee research),claims that HR is far too keen to base advice on data analytics. HR professionals now see it as their primary duty, he says, to predict which new employees will be needed and which ones will contribute to company profits the most. “I understand their enthusiasm as they are elated to be taken seriously. They now speak their CEO’s and CFO’s language. I recognise that that kind of positive feedback must feel good. When every decision is based on Excel spreads however, we run the risk of losing sight of the humanity in an organisation even if we call it People Analytics.”

HRmagazine’sGeert Degrande asked our very own Lesley Arens for her reaction.

Traditional HR – as we know it – has to be topped off with more progressive approaches.

Lesley is convinced that the HR function as we know it is on the verge of going extinct. HR needs to radically shift: we all know it, we just don’t act accordingly. Yet.

Doing more of what HR has been doing and spending more money on old strategies no longer works. The playing field has changed. New rules and new roles for HR!

Lisbeth Claus, who was keynote speaker at one of our HRbuilders events recently, mentioned 4 new roles in HR, ‘the new HR stack’: 

  • HR analytics
  • Behavioural economics
  • Agile management
  • Design thinking

This new HR stack – in which HR analytics is one of the four key drivers - is definitely the way to go. According to Lesley, this does not go against HR’s role to continue to focus on the H in HR.

The truth is that if the people in your organisation are no longer willing to work towards the goals you have set out for the company, the story ends.

It’s the people that make your company a failure or a success. Let’s not forget that!

Organisations are increasingly experiencing pressure. By consequence, employees also feel the pressure, making them insecure about their future. They become less engaged and as a result less productive. That’s why, in #TheFutureOfWork, companies will need to build a framework that allows for personalisation, transparency and authenticity.


New HR stack and sweet spot

It’s key for HR to look for the sweet spot between the employees’ stakes and those of the organisation.

Sustainable organisations not only focus on the interest of the organisation, they also keep in mind the individual interests of the employees.

HR of the future should be made up of professionals who help build the sustainable future of the organisation.

It is self-evident that to be able to do this, you will have to use data AND look beyond the data

Need a dose of inspiration on how to find that sweet spot and how to build the new HR stack in your company?

Join us this fall on a journey towards #TheFutureOfWork and #TheFutureOfHR!

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