9 rules for thriving in #TheDayAfterTomorrow

27 november 2017

HRbuilders is committed to connecting great people in HR. We are convinced that #TheFutureOfWork is all about flexibility and that’s why we invest heavily in building freelance careers. The 4th industrial revolution with technology, demographics and globalization as major drivers has shifted the context of work and workforce fundamentally. 

We are convinced that 80% of what HR is
doing today won’t be done by them anymore
in 5 years or less.

HR is challenged to rethink the talent value proposition and to radically shift towards a new HR framework in which traditional HR is topped off with progressive HR.

This week’s #ConnectWithContent is a second wake-up call (read last week's wake-up call) as HR is headed for total disruption! It’s time for a new breed of HR rebels and we are going to help you to lead the way and take on the role of Chief adaptability officer.

That’s why we are organizing an exclusive meet-up with Peter Hinssen to help HR rebels accelerate their ‘Day after tomorrow thinking’. To get you warmed up, we'll be sharing some thoughts from Peter’s book ‘The day after tomorrow’ the next weeks.

Here are 9 rules to help you find your #TheDayAfterTomorrow


#1 Break the rules

Make your own rules. Then break them. Permanently!

Disruptors and HR rebels are rule breakers
by definition.

Life is short

#2 Spend 10% on being radical

Spend 10% of your time, budget and talent on radical experiments for your Day after tomorrow. If it’s less you won’t make it in the long run.


do not conform


#3 Travel beyond the limits

Fight the status quo. Flying used to be impossible :-) Push the boundaries, aim for Mars.

The impossible is just an impossibility
waiting to be born.

fighting the status quo

#4 Grow a pair :-)

Accept that innovation is messy. Anything might happen. It’s about embracing what scares you. It’s about trying, failing, learning and starting over. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.


#5 Culture before structure

Find leaders who don’t want to lead. Find employees who do. Hire people who don’t fit in your company (I like to call them mavericks or #ZigZagHR professionals). Hire anyone as long as they are passionate and committed to your customers.

Your people are your culture.
Choose them carefully!

Check out the video of Peter Hinssen "Why you should put culture before structure"

#6 Thou shall not mistrust

The age of disruption is about trust. Trust in empowering your employees. Trust in your customers. Trust that when you share your ideas, they will become bigger.

Suspicious minds will miss



#7 Follow the vexers

Listen to your customers that tend to demand the impossible but will push your company beyond its limits.

push it to the limit

#8 Move fast and break things

Move before your company breaks. Move when disruption is clear but before it becomes a threat. Move before you think you should be moving.

And keep moving!

move fast


#9 Un-become yourself

It’s the right time to reinvent yourself!

Learn and think.
then un-learn and un-think.

Close your eyes and then reconnect the dots and you’ll see a completely different picture. That’s your day after tomorrow!

reinvent yourself


At HRbuilders we challenge HR rebels to un-become themselves. And to get you going, we invite you to our exclusive meet-up with thought leader Peter Hinssen Saturday December 16th.

Want to join us? Here’s where you can find more info.

Please note that this is a HR rebels and learnatics only event :-)

Talk to you next week!

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