4 reasons why HR interim management drives your business growth

8 may 2017

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In this week’s edition of #ConnectWithContent, we're not zooming in on a specific HR topic that keeps you awake at night. Instead we're zooming out, looking at the world of HR interim management.

Interim management today is much more than just an alternative to retirement for highly skilled specialists. It has become a vibrant career choice offering ongoing new challenges and lifelong learning opportunities, a chance to work around the world in a variety of top companies, without getting embroiled in the day-to-day humdrum and politics of them.

Long gone are the days that companies only source via their own recruitment departement (if they have one) when a vacancy arises. Nowadays companies also start looking for external talent via HR interim management agencies such as HRbuilders.

Interim management in HR has several advantages over hiring a full-time HR manager that makes it a more viable choice, both for the company with a temporary HR gap and for the interim manager.

#1 HR interim managers will open your eyes...

... to problems that have become invisible

An interim manager brings a new perspective and shines a new light on already existing HR policies and procedures in the company: in-house colleagues might look over and lose track of errors in the procedures due to their familiarity with and continued use of them. The fresh perspective of an interim manager will spot these errors and bring up new ideas, broadening the view and enabling the company to challenge existing policies. Another perk of this outside perspective is the manager’s ability to compare the existing policies with the successes (and failures) of other companies. Thanks to this knowledge, gathered throughout his/her career, (s)he can help formulate a clear and strong HR strategy according to the best practices of other companies in the field. As an outsider, HR interim managers are also more likely to be upfront, because they don’t have strong ties with the company, and therefore form no part of potential intrigues and schemes within the organisation.

#2 Interim knowledge becomes permanent knowledge

Secondly, interim managers can count on an extensive knowledge. It is, after all, the reason they get hired, their knowledge has to be on-par. It is thus very important that interim managers are kept in the loop about the latest developments in the world of HR. That’s exactly why HRbuilders invests heavily in keeping their HR freelance community informed and interconnected via monthly workshops. There they can brush up their knowledge, broaden their skills, and learn from each other. Additionally, all freelancers of HRbuilders have at least 10 years of experience, guaranteeing their profound knowledge of the field of HR. This knowledge is shared and applied to tackle the problems that exist within the company. And while his/her assignment is only temporary, the recommendations and solutions will make his/her intervenience have a long-lasting impact.

#3 Call an HR interim manager today, (s)he will start tomorrow...

... or at least very soon!

The most important advantage of all is the immediate availability of interim managers. It can take months and longer to find the right candidate for an in-house HR position; and then the formation, training, and onboarding haven’t even been taken into account. By reaching out to an agency such as HRbuilders, interim managers can be reached far more easily and can start on a moment’s notice, so to speak. Results will thus come faster, saving the company valuable time and money.

#4 HR interim management is not that expensive

Really (?)

Despite all above advantages, companies still assume that HR interim management and HR interim agencies are too expensive: "why pay an agency to help find a temporary manager instead of just searching someone yourself, or hiring a full-time manager?"

Choosing HR interim management over internal recruitment, comes with a number of financial advantages, as does paying an agency to help with the search and selection of the right fit:

  • First and foremost, interim management is generally more cost-efficient than an in-house HR team. The temporary and flexible character of the interim model allows companies to keep their expenses in check by hiring an interim manager – and paying one – only during times of need.
  • Secondly, the opportunity costs of in-house HR might be too high, especially for smaller companies. In a company with a limited number of employees, a few of them might have to take on the HR tasks, along with their main responsibilities, as having one person dedicated solely to HR or hiring a full-time HR manager might not always be feasible financially. An interim manager can then be the solution. He will take the HR burden off the other employees, who can then focus on their main responsibilities.
  • For companies of all shapes and sizes working with interim management can provide an interesting return on investment. An interim manager doesn’t require the costs of training and introduction to the company an in-house manager needs.
  • An agency will make the search for HR interim managers far easier and ultimately less costly than when a company would try to find candidates itself. HRbuilders has a large network of freelancers at its disposal, which allows it to swiftly find the candidate best suited for the job. A fit between the manager and the culture of the client company is also ensured. And in case of unexpected circumstances or illness, a replacement for the interim manager will quickly be arranged.
  • The use of an agency comes with the added benefit of avoiding extra expenses. When hiring via an agency, a company no longer needs to worry about costs related to job advertisements, the selection procedure, training of the new manager, illness, dismissal fees,...

In short, using an HR interim agency to find good candidates can save both a lot of money and a lot of time.

  • Are you in need of a HR interim manager? Please reach out to us, we get our kicks out of connecting great HR people!
  • Are you a seasoned HR professional, ready to take the leap and become an HR interim manager? Feel free to contact us, it is our mission to build freelance careers in HR.

Special thanks to our intern Brecht Smekens, who wrote this week's #ConnectWithContent

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