24 january 2020

11 nominations as a Great Place to Work and 1 in 2 applications through word of mouth. Protime is a sexy employer, without a sexy product. Peter s'Jongers, Protime’s CEO, confirms: "It’s hard to meet someone in the bar if you say you sell time registration systems.”

But what makes Protime so unique? Peter s'Jongers didn't know the answer at first. What he did feel from the start: "My company makes a difference." Employees arrive, employees leave. It’s the circle of life. But at Protime, they come back.

Mission and vision: discussed

However, Protime is not so different from other companies. Mission and vision? Yes, Protime has them too, but management doesn't impose them.

Each team chooses its own mission and vision by answering two questions. Why are we here as a team? What do we promise our customer? A marketer might wonder: What’s my added value in the marketing department? What can I do better than external marketing agencies? Protime wants you to know how you make a difference as an employee. Clearer objectives = more engagement. 

Performance reviews: cancelled 

Performance reviews? They were cancelled seven years ago because it was too difficult to evaluate 365 days in 1 hour. "And the sun still shines", says Peter.

Too much stress, too little return: this is what employees experience during performance reviews. Unfortunately, the focus during such a (long) conversation is on performance and improving weaknesses. Protime does the complete opposite: they regularly organise short coaching conversations about well-being and strengthening your strengths. More conversations = more engagement.

New Year's reception: quiet

Protime's New Year's reception? From 1995 till 2018, only awards were presented. In 2019, however, one employee told her personal story in front of a room of 300 colleagues. Alone on stage.

The Dutch sales manager said she hadn't reached her sales targets. One of her team members had a burn-out, another colleague had left the team. “You could have heard a pin drop.” And yet the audience appreciated her openness: even colleagues she didn’t know congratulated her for being open. In 2019 she achieved her goals and scored 20% better. More support = more commitment.

 Company culture: goal

Improving employee engagement is Protime's goal. After all, 70% of employees are not engaged. Being disengaged doesn't mean you're doing a bad job. Being disengaged essentially means: "I don't care if my company’s doing well.” Protime wants to avoid this at all costs.

You can’t stimulate employee engagement with a complex strategy, an extremely high salary or a trendy product. No, only your company culture can improve employee engagement. Only your company culture can make employees go the extra mile. Only your company culture can give employees the second-best feeling in the world, ‘falling in love’ being number one: being proud. 

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Maxim Schelstraete

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