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2 may 2018

Last week we celebrated our 10th Birthday together with some of our most loyal customers who were there from the start in 2008! What a rollercoaster journey it has been. Awesome and sometimes scary.  If she were to do it all over again, captain Katrien DevosI wouldn’t  change a thing. 

She’s the most proud of 3 things: 

> First, the more than 100 great HR people that work via HRbuilders on a daily basis. 

> Second, the fact HRbuilders has been an international company from the start. 

Katrien Devos: “If you feel European, and you receive requests to which you can provide and answer, why stop at country borders?” This mindset - along with the trust of some loyal clients -  brought HRbuilders to successful results in Europe and to our experiment today in the USA and even Latin America. 

> And the third thing that makes Katrien very proud is the fact that the #dreamteam reached these results via introductions and a very personal approach without any cold calling whatsoever. 

The network always wins, doens’t it, Peter Hinssen?

As the founder and captain of HRbuilders, Katrien Devos built a dedicated team around her that is better than her, she claims. 
Happy to share with you some inspiration from 3 power ladies on stage last week at our Birthday party: Sihame El Kaouakibi, Ann Claes and Laurence Vanhee. Together with an amazing crowd (100 people on our officeboat #OMG),we celebrated our 10th Birthday!
Ann Claes from JBC shared her two secrets on how to lead a company with your siblings: Learn to disagree by asking questions and dare to be vulnerable! Laurence Vanhee from Happyformance inspired by showing us how much more results happy people deliver. The formula to use is Freedom + Responsibility = Happiness + Performance! We recommend her book!

Snap your fingers if you feel blessed 

What a strong opener from Sihame. Everytime we hear Sihame from Wannawork and Let’s go Urban speak, we feel instant joy and humbleness. As a social entrepreneur being only 31 (!) years, her journey and more importantly results in the inclusive scene are quite impressive! #Ibelieve 

And there is work to be done we have to admit: as Sihame was talking about talent being colourblind we realized that we were standing in a room full of white HR people…

Change starts with ourselves!

10 years gone “in the blink of an eye” and we loved every minute of the #HRbuilders journey! 
Also in the future HRbuilders will keep on connecting great HR people, building freelance careers and shaking things up in HR. Also in the future we will keep on surfing along the waves of flexible HR solutions. 

One of the strongest trends in business and society worldwide over the past 30 years, has been the growth of the contingent or independent workforce: freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, interims, self-employed and on-call workers. Not too long ago, most of the people engaged in doing direct work for an organisation would have been full-time employees.

Today, the population could be made of a potentially large proportion of independent contractors or people found through agencies and outsourced service providers. 

Indeed, for most organizations, the contingent workforce is growing. A greater percentage of the people supporting the business are not permanent staff. Since there are advantages for both the organization and the workforce, this trend is not likely to reverse.

If you find your company facing shortages of specific talents, labor pool limitations or the need for greater flexibility in project-based hiring, then looking beyond standard hiring practices and tapping into new pools of - contingent workers - may be the right choice.  

HRbuilders started 10 years ago with the development of an HR community of contingent HR workers and we’ve been matching HR Freelancers with challenging projects and assignments in HR departments (Generalists, Specialists: Expert in Compensation & Benefits, Learning & Development, HRIS, Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Talent Acquisition,...). Today we have an HR community of more than 3000 HR Freelancers, which we’ve all met in person.

We would be happy to exchange with you about your experiences with HR Freelancing and Total Talent Management in General and the possible opportunities and benefits for your organization or your own career in the future…

Talk to you soon!

The HRbuilders #dreamteam 

10 years of entrepreneurship in flexible HR solutions

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