HRbuilders is hiring - HR Matchmaker (special focus on Limburg)

17 Jan 2019 - Written by Hans Joris

Are you passionate about HR, do you have an entrepreneurial mind-set, are you a fan of building strong personal relationships and do you just love to match and close challenging deals? Then, this might be something for you. Let’s connect!

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Connect with content: Making rewards more rewarding…

14 Jan 2019 - Written by Lesley Arens

Unemployment rates are at an all-time low and organizations are now offering more robust benefits programs to attract and retain talent. The corporate wellness industry is constantly evolving, and savvy HR and wellness professionals need to stay on top of emerging trends to ensure their employee wellness program continues to advance. That’s why, for this week’s #ConnectWithContent, we dove into the trends emerging in the corporate wellness world today that are likely to affect wellness programs in 2019.

Here are some thoughts to get you started….

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Connect with Content: HR & #TheFutureOfWork: the best of times, not the worst of times

07 Jan 2019 - Written by Lesley Arens

At HRbuilders, we’re committed to connecting great HR people and finding the right match in 48h for companies in urgent need of an HR professional. We also want to support HR in staying ahead of the curve and that’s why - every week - we provide you with valuable curated content - that we carefully collect from articles online and international conferences on HR, talent management & the future of work, molding it into a weekly mash-up #ConnectWithContent

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Connect with Content: Never Stop Learning

17 Dec 2018 - Written by Lesley Arens

For this week’s #ConnectWithContent, we dug into some great content about the importance of LifeLong Learning, the role that HR has to play in supporting the workforce to become lifelong learners, why HR has to lead by example, adopting a lifelong learning attitude themselves and what you, as a professional can do yourself. We made a mashup of 5 articles and included to links at the end of the article if you want to dive in deeper….

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