Connect with Content: Employee Experience, doing things with and for your employees, not to your employees

29 Oct 2018 - Written by Lesley Arens

2018 will be the year of Employee experience. No, let us rewind that. 2018 is the year of Employee experience.

So, how do you provide the best employee experience in any company, in any industry? That was the topic we wanted to tackle last week at TEC, talent enablement conference: From Reinventing Performance Management to Talent Enablement.

We distilled some highlights and mixed them in this mash-up. 

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Connect With Content: Blockchain and the value it brings (also to HR): trust

15 Oct 2018 - Written by Lesley Arens

Could blockchain also be instrumental in making HR processes more effective? Or even more, could blockchain alter the very bedrock of HR function?
That’s what we wanted to find out! So we dug in, meticulously picked 3 articles on blockchain and HR and summarized them in this week’s Connect with Content.

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Tama Heps strengthens the Belgian #dreamteam at HRbuilders

09 Oct 2018

The Interim HR Management market is continuing to grow. With the aim of strengthening our brand awareness in general, and in the French-speaking part of the country in particular, we have recruited a fourth HR Matchmaker for Belgium, Tama Heps, whose enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism greatly impressed us.

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Connect with Content: You can fire toxic people but when it comes to culture, there’s no reset button.

08 Oct 2018 - Written by Lesley Arens

Every employee, no matter how long they’ve worked for you, wants to know they matter. Nothing says that quite like giving them the opportunity to grow. But what if employees don’t want to grow anymore? How can you motivate them or what are the alternatives. Enjoy this week’s selection of HR content on the topic of motivating employees and helping them grow even if the opportunities to grow are located outside your company.

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