Goodbye velcro organizations (?)

23 Oct 2017 - Written by Lesley Arens

Today, we all know that workforce agility is key for companies to thrive and survive in #TheFutureOfWork because agile employees enable organizations to innovate, create new markets and even lay the foundation for the day after tomorrow.

So what exactly is agility, why does it matter, what can organizations do and whose job is it to foster workforce agility?

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Agility, Transformation and Collective Intelligence: this years’ 'Congrès HR' in Paris

18 Oct 2017 - Written by Cécile Dorigny Sicard

Agility, Transformation and Collective Intelligence, these where the main subjects of this year's 'Congrès HR' in Paris on 11 and 12 October. Our International team was present and gives us a summary of the important points. 


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Connect with Content: Reaching out to other HR rebels in Belgium!

16 Oct 2017 - Written by Lesley Arens

This is a shout out to all progressive HR leaders & HR rebels.
Are you eager to learn as much as you can on #TheFutureOfWork and how HR and business leaders should best prepare for it?Then be sure to join our #HRBootcamp because the future is already here! See you there!

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Connect with Content - Welcome to the open talent economy

09 Oct 2017 - Written by Lesley Arens

If you’re looking for that ‘one-in-million’ HR expert, HRbuilders is the partner to get in touch with for a flexible solution. As a matchmaking agency we connect the best HR freelancers with challenging assignments in Belgium and Europe. Did you know that it’s been nearly 10 years since captain Katrien Devos started building a freelance community of over 2000 (!) national and international HR interim managers?

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